It’s all about the goodie-bags when it comes to marketing books

Live to Write - Write to Live


When most of us say the word, we say it with a certain amount of contempt. Why should I have to self-market, people should just know good writing when they see it. They should come seek me out.

Me market to the masses? Fooey.

Well here’s the real deal. If you are a writer and if you want any chance of having your name heard among the many millions being screamed out there, you need to start doing some shouting yourself (Lord knows, your publisher won’t have the time or money to do it.)

Times have changed. Book stores are fewer, and the internet is now how people find out information (just look at the viral success of the book 50 Shades of Grey!) It means you’re going to have to create Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin accounts and you’re going to have to use them not just create…

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