Suspend your disbelief

The Manquée

Must-watch films about magic, ghosts and surrealism

Before I begin, there’s a recap, some poetry and confessions of being loserly cool. So, you may choose to skip this.

As a kid, seeing pictures in motion was like seeing magic. Talking heads, walking legs and blinking eyes trapped in a box queerly called TV was almost supernatural. I would pull the curtains, darken the room and wait for the neon lights to take over. Those flickering blue, green and red beams of rapid montages were my idea of Midas touch. Everything they touched became neon.

At a flashback, life was simple before I understood much about motion pictures. Once I did, I became awfully difficult to please. You may call it being fastidious; it’s something more than just being a tad fussy. Watching TV is now agonizing; I hold my breath and grind my teeth. Going to theaters to watch a movie that I doubt…

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