Think Christianly – A Book Review

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What does Think Christianly (Jonathan Morrow, Zondervan, 2012) promise?
In 300 pages (including notes) Morrow has produced a book in three sections: the first seeks to define culture and explore the biblical responsibility to engage it; the second aims to outline the process of thinking Christianly, understanding all of life and living from God’s perspective; and the third then provides background, specialist interviews, and references to resources dealing with a variety of key issues where the engagement between culture and Christianity is presently most acute.
What I liked.
Morrow is founder of website and the sheer scope of the book provides an engaging introduction to a comprehensive range of subject areas. A number of scholars from various disciplines who would not usually feature in books dealing singularly with subjects such as spiritual growth, apologetics, relationships, world religions, and science can be found here.
There is a serious attempt to…

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