Love Forever After Poem – Candle Light

Candle Light…


With the sun gone and the nights dawn,

I fear the darkness.

Grasping for hope, grasping for light where there is none,

I wander in the darkness.

A hole in my core, a leak in my essence,

I bath in the darkness.

Waiting for that moment to come,

Waiting for the pained peace to settle with the dust,

No longer waiting for that sweet song,

I cherish the darkness!

I am one with the darkness,

I am reborn in the darkness!

But then…. like a train from a far,

A gentle light…. a threatening light….

Like a breath of new life….

Comes the candle light.

                                                                                      -Christina OW


4 thoughts on “Love Forever After Poem – Candle Light

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