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Maxine tries to deal with her mother’s death in her own way. But when she finds old letters revealing her family’s past she finds herself creating a bond with someone else, not knowing how far their history goes. Taylor is amused and infuriated with Marine, and no matter how hard he tries he can’t stay away from her. Now he finds himself being her main supporter, the only one she can lean on as she travels back to the past. And when the past is resolved they now have to think of their futures, while they concentrate on their present.

Chapter 1 “Yes, Maxine.” Maxine didn’t miss the hint of exasperation in the professor’s voice. When she had raised her hand in class, she had seen the professor roll his eyes before he forced a smile and called on her.  “I think we should do African literature,” she began, almost…

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Coming Soon…. Also, Something Free

Hi guys, thought i would share something new with you guys. Nothing has been inked but, Fatal Jealousy is my new book and it will be out probably late this year. Make sure to stay intouch for more details. Until then, here is a description

Twins Ellsa and Ellie are completely different in character, personality, taste and interests. Apart from the striking resemblance to each other, they share the one thing siblings shouldn’t…. the same taste in men.

They keep falling for the same man, creating a quiet rivalry between them. Determined not to let a man come between them ever again, Ellie and Ellsa agree to stay away from each others relationships. But when they meet Dale Carson, an FBI agent and a bachelor, their love lives are turned upside down.

But they aren’t the only ones taken by the rogue. His partner and long time lover, Gwen Johansson, also called dibs.

Carson is interested in only one of them. He is pulled by Ellie’s passion for love and art, and most importantly, him. What starts as a sexual chase, ends with his permanent retirement from bachelorhood.

But their love story is not a smooth one.

Carson’s day job comes knocking on his front door and before he knows it, his whole world is ripped apart.

Out of all the possible suspects, Ellie has the most evidence stacked up against her. She is implicated in the brutal murders of her ex-boyfriends, and Carson is faced with the horror of arresting the love of his life. With two suspects of his own, he is convinced she is being set up, but he has no way of proving it.

Case Title: Woman Scorned


i don’t know how and why or for how long, but STAR BRIGHT is FREE worldwide. get a copy of you haven’t already


My sister’s book Shades of Spring 1964: Letters to My Daughter is up for review on GoodReads under the group Basically Books. Sign up and get a FREE copy! She is also giving a few free copies on so stop by.

Encouraging Reviews for STAR BRIGHT

I have two reviews from two Goodreads readers that I have to share with everyone!!

From Elsa

“Oh My Gosh!!!! Loved it, Loved it!!!

Good story about domestic abuse and how it can make a person realize they are stronger than they think and how a mother sacrifices her happiness for her family. It’s not all negative; it has more happy moments than sad and a very good ending!!! I recommend this read and am giving it five starts, if I could give more than this story deserves them all. This is a page turner and something is always happening it will blow your mind.

Maria is a battered female that lives with her abusive husband Ricky, her mother and her 4 yr old son. She has lived with the abuse for so long that it has progressively gotten worse over the years. So Maria either has to leave or let Ricky kill her and her child. You will not believe all the hell Maria goes threw with this crazy man. She is always looking behind her and then she is looking over her shoulder constantly afraid of her own shadow. Until she meets Dave and he promises her something huge!!!! Dave comes into the picture with his crazy wife Amy another pair made in hell!!! Amy and Ricky are made for each other and should have married instead of the other two unfortunate soles they ended up with. Beautiful Izzy is an angel and Michel is a strong smart four year old boy who is very protective of those he loves and brave when he stands up to his father.

You fall in love with Dave and his kindness and his being rich does not hurt either, can I keep him? Beautiful story, I could not put it down, a keeper on my shelves.”

From Susan

“Wow, this was an intense read! I couldn’t stop turning the pages and got so wrapped up in Maria’s story right from the first page! Then we meet Dave and I was totally into his story too! These two people went through so much garbage and you just had to wonder if they were ever going to find peace and happiness.

I would recommend this book to everyone and can’t wait to read more by this author! She knows how to grab your attention and she does not let go. Great job Christina and good luck!”

Good reviews are like a pat on the authors back that encourages more dedication towards the readers. But ‘bad reviews’ which I call teaching reviews encourages authors, authors who choose to learn from it, to do better.

So I would like to thank everyone who’s taken their time to read and review Star Bright.

I’m not sure for how long, but Star Bright is still free on Smashwords

All You Can Read Club Author Blog #1

Meet the two authors under the pen name ‘Pat Lawrence’. They not only collaborate in writing but also in marriage! I bet the first thought in your head is Yikes! But find out how they make both relationships work.

Author ‘Pat Lawrence’ is actually husband and wife writing team of ‘Pat’ Adsit Burke and husband Daniel ‘Lawrence’ Burke – ergo: Pat Lawrence, pseudonym. They began their writing partnership in 2007 penning Murder Mysteries for their entertainment enterprise, “Murder By Design.” Next, they graduated to a two-act comedy stage play, “Squirrels In The Attic,” which is regularly performed in select Midwestern venues. They began their novel writing career in 2011. An Illegal President: A Novel follows on the heels of the suspense thriller Jarred Into Being, published by these co-authors last year. Pat and Daniel reside in Wisconsin where they dutifully serve as the staff to their two handsome English bulldogs, Diesel and Emmett. They describe the experience as Dogton Abbey, a canine version of Downton Abbey.

‘Pat Lawrence’ is part of the fiction. ‘Pat Lawrence’ is a pseudonym for our husband and wife writing team of PAT Adsit Burke and Daniel LAWRENCEBurke.

People often ask us, “How do you do that? How do you collaborate?”

Do you each write a draft and then combine them?
Do you write alternating chapters?
Does one of you write the descriptions and the other write the dialogue?
Do you sit and write every word together?

The answers to these questions are: Not really, No, No, and Definitely Not.

Collaborative writing is like riding a tandem bicycle: one author steers, but both authors provide the energy to move, watch to avoid the hazards, agree on which direction to turn, and settle on the final destination.

Our novel collaborations begin with agreement on a single idea that serves as the overarching theme of the entire work. That theme forJarred Into Being was that each individual life isprofoundly influenced by the lives which intersect and surround it. Next, we agree on the major plot elements that need to occur to craft an interesting story that will illustrate that theme. In Jarred, a young girl’s loss of her parentsplaces her in great peril because the characters now intersecting and surrounding her life want to possess her rather than protect her. The conflict in the novel arises out of the fact that our main character, Eva, is unwavering in her determination not to be possessed, and she continually battles for independence and freedom from the powerful and corrupt forces who would dominate her.

After that, draft one begins in earnest. We create the incidents and the characters which dramatize the main character’s plight. One of us (the partner who steers the bike to continue the analogy above) writes sections—maybe a chapter, maybe several—and submits those to the other partner. That partner reads, edits, searches for flaws, plot failures, and adds suggestions for additions or deletions and returns the sectionsto the other partner who incorporates the suggestions into the ongoing manuscript.That process continues section by section until we reach what we agree is a satisfying conclusion to the book.

For draft two, we separately read and revise the entire work from beginning to end, and then we each submit our suggested revisions to the other for consideration. Finally, in draft three, we collaborate and discuss all the suggested revisions we have both made and ultimately agree on what emerges as our final version.

This collaboration process works well for us. We enjoy it, and we agree on the most important aspect of writing: always make it interesting. In fact, throughout the entire process we constantly challenge ourselves and each other by asking: “Is that last sentence, paragraph, chapter compelling enough to capture and hold the reader’s interest?” The answer MUST BE “yes.” If the answer is “maybe” we immediately employ our ironclad rule: rewrite.

Ultimately, we both havelearned that the two most important words in a husband-wife collaborative writing team are—“Yes, dear.” Happy reading.

For more info, check out their blog

Facebook page: Pat Lawrence

Twitter: PatLawrence5

McSwain & Beck interview the star of Lightmasters: Number 13, JESSICA T. WYRD

UPDATE: Starting today, 12/21/2012, and continuing through Christmas, 12/25/2012, LIGHTMASTERS: NUMBER 13 is FREE!

And now on to the interview…

Hang on to your hats folks, because this blog post is sure to be one roller coaster ride full of fun! You see, McSwain & Beck of the YA action-mystery, Gone at Zero Hundred 00:00, have decided to take a few moments away from their busy days of detecting, sleuthing, spying, or just plain being nosey, to have a chat with 13-year-old, Jessica T. Wyrd, the action, fantasy hero of the YA novel LIGHTMASTERS:  Number 13, created by author M.G. Wells.

Without further ado…

 Sydney Marie McSwain (18-years-old)

 McSwain: Hey Jessica, thanks for stopping by and giving Cody and I a crack at interviewing you first, before the paparazzi get wind of your notoriety regarding your exploits in Lightmasters: Number 13. It’s great to meet you.


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