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I have the prologue of a new book by M.O.Kenyan which you will all love. My sister was nice enought to allow me to help out with the editing and I must confess i have been unable to put it down! It’s just so hot!!

It’s about a reckless Dainish Prince and a social Kenayn girl. Both their lives are turned upside down when they lose the ones they love and blame themselves for it. For Prince Christoffer, it was his brother Lauritz who died sheilding him during a gruesome car accident and for Alma is her boyfriend Kevin who was butchered in the dark streets of Nairobi trying to protect her from being raped by a gang of assholes!

Both these deaths affect them to the point they feel the need to run from the anything and everything that reminds them of their guilt. But the guilt still follows them. But once they meet, the seek refuge in each other and a beautiful romance develops….

Until Christoffer is named Crown Prince and his dad has got some issues about Alma, so he does everything in his power to separate them.

The lengths are self-centered, selfish ass face of a King would go to is deplorable!

It’s one hell of a love story and you’ll love the ride!


“What happened?” Abellona lifted her volume gown as her feet shuffled out the grand ballroom, her dress swishing and swashing as she quickly moved.

The grim looks on their faces and the burrow of their brows as they whispered into their radios showed they were anxious to get her out of the crowd as soon as possible; whatever they had to say to her, they were worried about how she was going to take it. The unaware guests were left waltzing under the crystal chandeliers and polished marble floors. Her husband and youngest daughter were brought to her from different directions;all of them were being hurried towards the front door.

“Speak now before I lose my patience.”  Abellona voice elevated in fear but remained strong and composed. She was sure it wasn’t a matter of security otherwise there would be an army waiting for them at the door wanting to usher out all the other dukes and duchesses in the palace.

She was never hurried out in such a panic unless it was something important, but important in a bad way.

A gut wrenching feeling told her that this had nothing to do with the state. The whole night she had looked for her sons, and them not being here only added onto her fear.

“Your highnesses, there… there is no easy way for me to tell you this…” The head of security stared past her, his clasp hands trembled. “It’s the princes… they were in an accident.”

Her heart jumped into her throat as she choked out, “What accident?”

Her husband grabbed her arm, and rushed her out of the palace door to their waiting car.

“Your highness.” the chauffer bowed slightly as he held the door open for them and then soon they were racing out the palace gates, the rain beating down on their windscreen.

Abellona took out the rosary she had tied to the skirt of her dress and grasped it tightly in her palm. In a whisper, she said a couple of Hail Mary’s, offering up trades to the Almighty for the lives of her sons.

When they got to the hospital, a throng of people were outside after the immediate evacuation. They wereimmediately ushered into the private wing.  . A team of doctors and administrators greeted them, each giving an update of the condition of the two princes.

Their overlapping voices to Abellona sounded like buzzing bees and she quickly tuned them out.

“Queen Abellona? Queen Abellona?”

She turned to the voice trying to catch her attention. Then the man began speaking, but nothing registered.

Years of training helped her maintain an expression of composurebut inside, her body was slowly giving up on her as the emotion built on, one brick after another. She needed strength, a strong pillar of support. She stretched out her arm and caught hold of her husband’s jacket sleeve.

He felt her weakness seep through into him.Placing one hand on her back and holding onto her other hand with the other, he guided her to the waiting room.

“Sit down.” Lauritzwhispered and eased her into the seat. He sat next to her, her trembling hand still clutched in his. He then turned to the doctor, “What is the situation?”

“King Lauritz, maybe we should have this conversation elsewhere.” A doctor suggested, his eyes darting to the Queen.

Lauritz took one look at his wife and the blank expression on her face spoke more to him than it did anyone else in the room. A fist of emotion squeezed his heart as he restrained himself from wrapping his arms around her and holding her as tight as he could. But he was the King; bred to be calm and in control of all situations while in public and all emotions were to be expressed in private.

Lauritz knew her emotional state but he also knew his wife, she wouldn’t allow any detail about her sons to be kept from her. She was strong, and at times stronger than he could ever be. Her strength was built on love and faith and that drove her success, his success.

“No, speak now. How are my sons?” He asked keeping a keen eye on his wife.

“Prince Christoffer did not suffer any major injuries. He just has a broken leg and arm and a few cuts and bruises. I expect in a few weeks he will make a full recovery.” He paused then took a deep breath. He spoke again, his voice down to a whisper, “It’s Prince Lauritz who we are worried about. The best doctors are operating on him right now… but it doesn’t look good.”

Lauritz clenched his free hand into a tight fist as he battled to hold his anger in. Christoffer was his youngest child.He was free spirited and no boundary could contain him. Prince Lauritz was the eldest and his heir. He was responsible and thought everything through. He was always treated differently and responsibilities had been piled on his shoulders ever since he was little. He was the crown prince and a lot was expected from him.

Alisa, the only daughter and middle child, sat next to her mother, holding onto her free trembling hand as tightly as she could. She didn’t have the strength her mother possessed. She had been shielded throughout her life and couldn’t handle any situation without her parents or brothers.

Lauritz wished he could shield her from this too,

“Papa?”she whined.

“Not now Alisa. Can we see our son, Christoffer?”

“Yes of course, he’s in recovery.” The doctor ushered them to the abandoned hospital wing.

The king stared through the glass separating him from his injured son. “How did it happen?”

“We aren’t sure,” the doctor answered as he held the door open for the king to enter. He moved to the many monitors hooked on Christoffer’s battered body, reading the monitors and scribbling on his chart.

Lauritz looked over his shoulder and barked, “Find me the driver of the tail car!” Lauritz knew the kind of fun Christoffer was into. This fun had landed him in many problems and tabloids. He had appointed a tail car to follow Christoffer wherever he went at whatever time. According to what Lauritz was led to believe, they should have been able to control the situation and the accident should have been avoided.

“What good is that going to do now?” Abellona hissed as she moved towards Christoffer’s bedside with Alisa as her crutch.

She smoothed her fingers on the bandages over her son’s head and arms. Taming her puffy dress, she lay beside him and hummed a lullaby. Abellona had sung this lullaby to all her children just as her mother had sang to her.


Read part 2

Stay tuned for more of Christoffer’s story next Monday! The Monday after that will be Alma’s turn…. so exciting!!!!

Other work by M.O.Kenyan Shades of Spring 1964: Letters to My Daughter and you can read the first chapters of this book here . And also an intense short story Checkmate

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