Love Rekindled Poem….. I Need

                                                                            Hi guys! I just wanted to share a poem with you, it’s kind of like a sequel to CANDLE LIGHT, the poem featured in my soon to be published book (i’m working on it) LOVE FOREVER AFTER.

LOVE REKINDLED is about Sandra and Ronald. After Sandra suffers a tragedy that is quickly followed by a divorce, she feels like her whole world was crushing down on her. She never thought anything would hurt as much as losing her sister Kristy, God was she wrong. Completely deflated and defeated, comfort comes in a package she’d spent years avoiding, Ronald. would he be the one to save her from her pain, or would he add on to it by repeating what he’d done to her years ago…

The book is still in the process of writing but here is a poem to give you a hint of what’s coming!

I need…

They say true love comes to those who believe, I believed.

They say love is empty without trust, I trusted.

I believed, I trusted and yet… I hurt.

I need… I need…

I’m getting off this road, but I’m holding onto my true love.

My candle light in the dark…

I feel lighter, I feel happy… I feel love!

Finally! A truthful smile on my lips!

But suddenly, too suddenly… everything went dark.

I can’t see! Where’s my candle, where’s my light?

The pain! Oh God, it’s too much pain!

I trusted, I believed and yet… I hurt a hundred times more!

Please! I need… I need…!

I feel the warmth around me… the painful weight is lifting…

‘Hold on to me, believe in me, trust me… I’ll provide your need.’


                                                              -Christina OW

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