Author Update

Hi guys! I have four updates this week.

1. Editing on FATAL JEALOUSY is finally done, now it’s just the release. 3rd january 2013, don’t forget! (

2. Sometime back I responded to th

e complaints about the errors in STAR BRIGHT and i promised I would look into it. I have. The only changes I made was placing indicators for the scene changes. I’ll be handing in the revised script to my editor, so i hope this makes us friends again šŸ™‚

3. On other project news, I have two chapter left to finish the second book of the regency romance SLAVE BOUND series A LADY UNBECOMING ( and it’s shaping up quite nicely. Lydia is the one of all the four siblings who has a lot of growing to do. And with everything going wrong in her life, i can’t wait to give her a happy ending.

4. I’ve put up a preview of THE FATE SERIES on my blog and I call it THE BEGINNING. it’s Ashat’s story, before he became a werewolf and how he ended up becomng one. in law we call it a chain of causation and it begins with the preview. The publisher for this series, Wheelman Press, think it would be a great idea to give the readers a preview and a video before the first book is released so… here it is.

5. Also from the FATE SERIES, I’m rewriting the third book FATE UNCHANGED ( it doesn’t feel finished to me and i hope i’ll get it done before the publisher comes calling.

Finally…. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! and i hope you all have a cherished time with your loved ones.


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