RACHELMy vampire lead in this trilogy is Rachel de Grosnez and she’s no weak minded female. She’s a kick ass lean mean fighting machine who is stopped in her tracks by Daniel Moore.  Her family were the guardians of a very special vampire artefact called the Book of Cain and one day it’s stolen from the vampire Elysium (their safe haven) by Max, who entered the Elysium in a near fanfare, targeting the young Rachel to the point of seduction.  And then he’s gone.  Obviously she’s heartbroken by his actions, especially as her parents have been banished and she promises to find the book and restore them back in their rightful places.  But by now, three hundred years have passed and she’s hit a dead end.  Until Max returns, kills Daniel’s best friend and now they are all involved in the search.  All this while Daniel’s friends try to find something that will convince Daniel to dump Rachel, and Rachel’s vampire friend Arun, tries to convince her to dump Daniel!


I love to write paranormal stories.  I started to write Judgement of Souls because I was already tired of the same old vampire stories that produced weak female leads and I wanted to read something that hadn’t been done before.   My novel is a different kind of vampire story; it’s not about vampires attacking humans for blood. In a way, it’s the history of two families eventually connected to each other through the centuries, one mortal and one vampire.  The story begins in the time of the Crusades and ends in modern times.  I decided to make this trilogy slightly different. Instead of starting at the beginning, I started on the third part and I’m working my way back.  My aim is to have three books that can be read in any order and still make sense, so it’s quite a task.

RACHEL (2)When we meet Rachel in this third story, she is already a strong vampire, but she has her vulnerable side.  She is 300 years old and over the centuries has taken lots of lovers, but she’s never been in love, and with everything else that’s happened to her, she’s still looking for that one person who will make her forget her troubles and be willing to share his life with hers – forever.Max use this one

When Rachel was 16 years old, a dashing vampire called Max arrived to the Elysium, (that’s the vampire colony on the island of Santorini that is hidden from the mortal world).  He pays a lot of attention to the young and naïve 16 year old and soon he has her head filled with all the adventures he’s had and all the places he’s seen around the world, and Rachel is hooked.  But Max is at the Elysium for a reason, he wants to steal the vampires’ most sacred book, the Book of Cain.

Book of CainThe book is the most important item to the vampire community.  It’s their bible and it was used when Rachel’s parents wanted a child – their reward for being its guardians and the teachers of the chants and verses contained inside – and so Rachel was born to them, two pureblood vampires.  It also protects the Elysium from the outside world.  Sixteen is an important age for a vampire; it is the age when they will be made into a vampire and Rachel has to go through a ceremony that will take her away from everyone for a whole month. This is when Max takes the opportunity to steal the book, he causing chaos at the Elysium – and then he’s gone.  When Rachel returns, she witnesses her parents’ punishment and then their banishment from the community, and she swears revenge on Max and promises that she will return her parents to their proper status within the Elysium.


But now 300 years have passed and Rachel is thinking that she will never accomplish what she promised her parents she’d do.  And then on one Halloween night, she meets Daniel, a nightclub owner.

And it’s almost as if it was meant to be, the pull between them is so strong.  Rachel and Daniel feel a deep connection with each other, but it goes further, something they can’t explain is pulling them together.

Writing this story has been so much fun.  I never thought I’d be involved in such an adventure and the research I’ve had to do has proved to be very interesting.   One of the characters I haven’t mentioned is Arun, he’s Rachel’s best friend and in book two, he teaches her everything she needs to know about being a vampire after she leaves the Elysium – and she needs the help!

ARUNI have had a lot of feedback, mainly about him.

He features quite a bit in JOS2 – he even falls in love with a mortal!

But it’s not been all plain sailing for my human and vampire characters. Judgement of Souls is not just a story about love and the search for the Book of Cain – there’s the Righteous too.

If you’ve heard of the Knights Templar, then get ready for the Righteous. They’ve been around since the times of the Crusades and when the Templars became just a little too hard to handle, the Righteous were sanctioned by the Pope to do his bidding.  The honour of membership passes to the eldest son of each member of the Righteous, once the place had been surrendered because of death or old age, so the Knights have always remained active over the centuries.  The Knights became notorious for hunting down every mortal and immortal associated with vampires, witches and anything else they deemed supernatural.  Watch out for more on them in the second book, Judgement of Souls 2: The Call of the Righteous.  This is where the connection between Daniel and his family are revealed.

THE RIGHTEOUS PIC LIGHTER The Righteous picture 17





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Love The True Way Promotion

Image courtesy of piyato at FreeDigitalPhotos.netLove The True Way Promotion is being hosted by Amazon KDP Select for  the Valentine’s inspired novella Love Forever After.

The book is FREE from the 18th to the 22nd of February.

Be sure to get your copy and leave a review. I would love to hear from you about this unorthodox out of the norm Valentine’s Special.

Until then, here is a sample chapter.


Chapter One
The church bells rang loudly, filling the cold quiet dead air. It was a suitable sound track for what was happening. The scenery also looked set, especially constructed with purple flowers scattered on the ground complimenting the green grass, just for this moment, this perfect heart wrenching, dream crushing, unbearable torturous moment. It was the first scene of my
new forever lonely empty life and the last scene before the credits rolled, of our perfect loving full life.
I’ve always wondered how it felt like to loose someone close to you- a friend, a family member or a loved one- but now I know, I know the pain so well sometimes it feels like an extra limb.
A limb attached to my heart, its sole purpose is to crush, shred and rip apart my heart over and over again like a wild animal devouring a poor helpless prey just at the thought of her, or when I felt her empty side of our matrimonial bed, or when I walked around our apartment expecting to hear her laugh echo and bounce off the walls making our home warm- a home that was now empty and hollow, yes because you aren’t here to fill it my love. Every essence of you made our home full and warm, but now it was cold and empty- like me.
Who would have figured it, me empty, cold and hollow after so many years of happiness?
Our happiness was in such abundance it should have lasted forever, right?
No, not really, never because I can’t feel it now, not even a little bit.
Maybe it’s because you aren’t here… definitely because you aren’t here, what other explanation could there be?
Well it should have, after you were taken from me, the least it could have done was leave me our happiness to go along with our memories. I should remember you and feel happy, not an aching sadness, I deserve that much.
I’ve felt death, when my dad died I felt its impact, but I don’t remember it being like this, intense, malicious, tormenting, painful and amusing itself by making fun of me, at how vulnerable and impairing it could make me. Someone should give it a taste of its own medicine, see how it likes it.
I looked around at the crowd surrounding the beautiful mahogany coffin. Everyone she loved, everyone who loved her was here. They were all dressed in black crying as the priest said his prayers. They were sad, sadder than I have ever seen any one of them before. They were suffering a great loss. But she wouldn’t have wanted to see any of them cry over her death but celebrate her life.
She wasn’t going to like this one bit. When I suggested a party instead of a funeral they all thought I’d lost my mind. My mother Gloria was so horrified she called a psychiatrist to come fix me, I knew it wasn’t only for my benefit; her English pride needed her son to be sane in front of all the people who would come to the funeral.
Her brother Morris and sister Sandra however agreed with me. They knew her-not as well as I did, but well enough to know what she’d want and a depressing gloomy funeral wasn’t it.
Gloria wasn’t going to let us have a party, so she took it upon herself to organise everything.
It was a classy dignified funeral; she even gave out instructions on how our family was to dress. I chuckled, knowing how much of a fight my wife would have put up against my mother and the high class funeral she had organised.
Mother moved to stand next to me; she looped her hand on my pocketed arm. She looked up at me, her eyes red and wet, her cheeks stained with tears. She must have seen me laugh, wrong move, now she was going to be my constant unshakeable companion.
They brought a basket full of lilies to me, her favourite type flowers. I looked at the person holding it; his face was glum patiently waiting for me to take one. Mother nudged me, pulling my hand out of my pocket. I reached out and took one, then moved forward and laid it on top of the coffin. I lingered over it for a while, imaging how small it could have felt for her being inside it. She hated the dark and small spaces.
It was a good thing she wasn’t inside it.
I felt a hand on my shoulder, it was Morris, and he placed his purple lily. Sandra came next. She put a white one, then leaned over it and kissed the coffin before she moved back and stood next to me. Her eyes were red, but she wasn’t crying anymore she had a smile on her face. She moved between Morris and me, and then tip toed so she could reach our ears.
“Will, if your mother finds out she’s not inside there, she’ll kill us and cram all three of our bodies in it!”
“You know she would have haunted us if we put her in a box. I’d rather face an angry Gloria.” Morris said with a chuckle, but the sadness at the edge of it was very evident.
“She’s still going to haunt us for letting mother throw her an uptight funeral.” I whispered as someone came forward and placed a lily on her coffin.
My wife was a free spirit, she hated confinement and rules. She was an earth lover, an environment activist. That’s why we cremated her and spread her ashes in the sea. It was hard for me to see her reduced to ashes but there was no better way. She would keep being a free spirit; roam the world as she got carried by the wind.
She loved helping people; that’s why I donated all her organs; she would still help them even in her death. When she gave me the organ donor forms to fill out she said, “Why burry parts that could help a person in dire need of them. As much as we don’t like it, we are all spare parts to someone else’s body.”
Well, in a way, she is still alive; inside other people her body was still alive. If only it was possible for me to share my body with her, I would always live inside my head to be with her and forget the outside world.
She was the type to chain herself to a tree or break into a cosmetic lab and free all the animals. She went by the motto ‘do unto the environment, trees and animals as you would do unto yourself’. I became a vegetarian because of that, but I always stuffed myself with burgers when she was on one of her long protesting gigs. When we got engaged, I opened an account in her name for bail money that the bank was instructed to pay immediately she wound up arrested. I wanted her to be taken care of when I was abroad doing business or
visiting my mother in England. The thought of her spending a night in jail always gave me the chills. She thought it was the most romantic wedding present she could ever get- I scored some serious points there.
We had been married for six years before this happened, before someone decided to take her away from me out of sheer selfishness.
“Will you please step back, you’re hovering!” We jumped at Gloria’s scolding voice. She was really going to run this funeral by the script. We moved back a few feet, but still stood close to each other.
I watched as they lowered the coffin into the dark hole, and got a sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach. I was gladder now that she wasn’t in it. Sandra grabbed my hand and held it tight. I looked at her. She was staring at it, pain in her eyes. Her breaths sounded short, strained. Morris put a hand over her shoulder and held her tight against him. I could see he was trying to be strong for both of them, but the loss of his younger sister was taking a toll on
him too.
“Ashes to ashes, dust to dust…” the priest went on with his prayers as the coffin hit the ground. Another man stepped forward with a shovel full of red dirt. He held it in front of me and waited. I took a pinch of it then he moved to Sandra, and then Morris. The two of them moved forward and poured the sand into the hole.
I stood there frozen. I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I knew she wasn’t in there, but this felt too real, too final. She was dead and never coming back. My chest tightened, all the fears of never seeing or touching her again flooded back drowning me with all the moments we would never share again. Why did she have to die? Why not me? How could I be here and she wasn’t, this wasn’t how we planned to spend the rest of our lives.
“Will…” I turned to see Sandra look up at me, “its okay she isn’t in there,” she whispered.
I nodded, she was right my wife wasn’t in there so this shouldn’t be so difficult. I took a staggering step forward and faced the dark hole. I raised my hand over it; forcing my fingers open I let the red sand flow out of it.

A long line of people followed, pouring sand into the hole as they made their way back to their cars. This was their final goodbye before everything went back to normal in their lives, but for me it was the beginning of my slow long lonely death.
I looked down at the head stone and read the beautiful engraved marble. The phrase set in stone made more sense to me now. It felt like the words were not only curved in the rock but I could feel the pounding, chipping of my heart as the words were curved in it too.

Christina Lee James-Stanford
Loving daughter, sister, wife and humanitarian


India Was One by An Indian Review

indiaI’ve never read this kind of book before but  it is a wonderful and interesting read. It dips into the Indian culture and takes the readers on an emotional journey. It also gives readers knowledge of India’s politics and economy mixed in the romance story. It’s a great read and I recommend it to everyone.

Review by an Amazon Reader

Opening perfectly with a man’s dark walk to the place where he might see his wife, this novel captures the heart of a broken world with aching sensitivity, then backtracks to the more familiar realities leading up to it. When teachers tell how writers should “show” more and “tell” less, this author’s writing probably isn’t what they mean, but the mix of shown scenes and told detail works well to explain the background to Indian culture and events in earlier chapters(including cricket), almost like reading with the author there to explain.

Convincingly written with interesting explanation, beautiful scenery, delicious food and authentic dialog, the first third of this novel creates a fascinating picture of India. Then the action moves to the US. As an immigrant myself I smile at things Jai and Kaahi have to learn. Mr. Shah explains, “However, now that you are not in India, you’ll try to know more about India,” engendering that familiar feeling of displacement, while Arun adds, “Also, never ever refer to a cigarette as a fag.”

American, then European cultures are explained with the same sense of detail, simple maps clarifying direction and space. But the world changes as civil unrest hits India, the latter third of the novel echoing a short scene earlier where a Muslim Indian struggles to prove where his loyalties lie. What defines an Indian? What defines an American, or a European? Is it the food we eat, the sports we follow, the company we keep, or the feasts we celebrate? Or is there something in each heart beating a tune we can only hear only at home, wherever home might be?



Tsunami Connection By Michael James Gallagher Review


Tsunami Connection is the first novel of trilogy by Michael James Gallagher and it is worth the cost- well, I got it for free but it is still a great book and I can’t wait to read the other two books.

It is a fast paced thriller about terrorists, set in the Middle East, Russia and North Korea. It shows that the author did extensive research because he gave knowledgeable details and made it quite easy for the reader to picture it, even the characters.

What I liked most about it, is that it wasn’t predictable and the story was something that actually happens in the contemporary world.


Here is a review from an Amazon Reader
Tsunami Connection is the first in the New World Trilogy of novels from Michael James Gallagher and it is excellant. The Tsunami Connection establishes a new and unique voice from Gallagher; a mixture of no-nonsense thriller writing combined with fascinating multi- cultural understanding and rich character development gives us a thoughtful and fast-paced international thriller. Kefira, Tsunami Connections’s amazing protagonist is clever, thoughtful, and a Superhero with human failings and energies.

Set in and around the Middle east, North Korea and Russia, the story inexorably draws us in and never lets go.
The terrorist thriller plot is tight. Yet there is interesting, well written and knowledgeable side bar storeies about Tango in Buenes Aires, for example, that are stunningly good.

Gallagher goes for short-ish chapters that closely track the story and offers no pauses. It is a “don’t put me down book” Sex and violence are included, but Gallagher doesn’t dwell too long on either, he is more likely to spend time on the intricacies and psychology of a suspect’s interrogation.

Morgen 'with an E' Bailey

Complementing the full interviews on this blog, which will be dropping to weekend mornings from March, another new interview on my interview-only blog has been posted! The (630+) interviews from this blog are there already so there’s plenty to read.
ruyi..The latest interview on the new blog is with children’s author Omoruyi Uwuigiaren and can be read in full at http://morgensauthorinterviews.wordpress.com/2013/02/10/author-interview-with-childrens-writer-omoruyi-uwuigiaren.


If you are reading this and you write, in whatever genre, and are thinking “ooh, I’d like to do this” then you can… just email me and I’ll send you the information. They do now (January 2013) carry a fee (£10 / €12.50 / $15) for the new interviews on this blog but everything else (see Opportunities on this blog) is free.

Alternatively, if you’d like a free Q&A-only interview, I now have http://morgensauthorinterviews.wordpress.com on which I’ve rerun the original interviews posted here then posted new…

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Lily Rede

Good morning!  First and foremost, thank you so much to everyone who downloaded a copy of SAFE FROM THE DARK this weekend – it was such fun to write, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Today I’ve got a little SAFE FROM THE FIRE excerpt for you, and some new cover art for SHADOW OF THE RAVEN, the prequel novella for my HEARTS OF STONE series, which (fingers crossed) will be up at the end of the month, and then Book #1 in April.

Shadow of the Raven - SMALL

Like it?  It may change a little, but overall I’m happy with it – I love  her tattoos, which fit in perfectly with the story, and the birds give it this whole Hitchcock vibe, I think.  Not to mention the gorgeous, bare, muscle-y man candy above.  That’s Cal.  He’s inspiring in more ways than one…LOL…and actually gets two books, as he’s…

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