Tsunami Connection By Michael James Gallagher Review


Tsunami Connection is the first novel of trilogy by Michael James Gallagher and it is worth the cost- well, I got it for free but it is still a great book and I can’t wait to read the other two books.

It is a fast paced thriller about terrorists, set in the Middle East, Russia and North Korea. It shows that the author did extensive research because he gave knowledgeable details and made it quite easy for the reader to picture it, even the characters.

What I liked most about it, is that it wasn’t predictable and the story was something that actually happens in the contemporary world.


Here is a review from an Amazon Reader
Tsunami Connection is the first in the New World Trilogy of novels from Michael James Gallagher and it is excellant. The Tsunami Connection establishes a new and unique voice from Gallagher; a mixture of no-nonsense thriller writing combined with fascinating multi- cultural understanding and rich character development gives us a thoughtful and fast-paced international thriller. Kefira, Tsunami Connections’s amazing protagonist is clever, thoughtful, and a Superhero with human failings and energies.

Set in and around the Middle east, North Korea and Russia, the story inexorably draws us in and never lets go.
The terrorist thriller plot is tight. Yet there is interesting, well written and knowledgeable side bar storeies about Tango in Buenes Aires, for example, that are stunningly good.

Gallagher goes for short-ish chapters that closely track the story and offers no pauses. It is a “don’t put me down book” Sex and violence are included, but Gallagher doesn’t dwell too long on either, he is more likely to spend time on the intricacies and psychology of a suspect’s interrogation.


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