Darkenss Arisen by Stephanie Rowe

dar_coverLet me start by saying that Stephanie Rowe has one hell of an imagination!!

I enjoyed Darkness Arisen and I must say if you are a fan of the Order of the Blade, do not miss out on this one! Ian and Alice are like death magnets fighting with insecurities that give death the upper hand. This book, unlike the others (though similar to Elijah’s story) is about a relationship that boasts you up and makes you into the person you are meant to be. Ian and Alice come into their own as they fight to save and help each their friends. It’s a weird kind of honeymoon for this two because when the end isn’t a flight back home but death.

I honestly have to say though that i expected more. Just like Elijah and Ana’s story, the previous books built this up and it made me feel I was in for an explosive read (i stalked the author that’s how impatient I was for this book) but again instead of the fireworks i felt like i got fire crackers. That might just be me.


Start your obsession by downloading the first book Darkness Awakened for FREE!!

My top three books in the series

1. Darkness Awakened

2. Forever in Darkness

3. Darkness Reborn

Thanks for the free copy Stephanie, I’m waiting on Ry and Catherine’s story.

Other Books in the series Darkness Awakened, Darkness Seduced, Darkness Surrendered, Forever in Darkness, Darkness Reborn

Cover_DarknessAwakened-329Ebook Cover13612703  fid_cover  dr_cover

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A new contemporary release about learning to love again… Congratulations, MJ, on your new release!




A devastating breakup leaves Yasmine Phillips in shambles. Unable to trust another man with her heart, she focuses on the one thing she can control—starting her own business.

When her computer crashes, taking months of hard work with it, she must rely on computer genius Zachariah Givens to save her. A complete opposite of men from her past, she doesn’t expect the passion that ensues. But just as she finds happiness, she learns the truth about the other women in Zachariah’s life.


Dear Diary,

I’ve been called a slut, a ho, easy… and a few other words that I refuse to even write on paper.

Since middle school, people have taken one look at my light skin, grey eyes, and the shape of my body and assumed that’s who I was.


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The Italian Job ~ New Release by Phyllis Humphrey

Happy Release Day, Phyllis!


Italian Job


The Italian Job

SYDNEY COOKE, a California magazine writer assigned to describe a tour of Italy, meets TAYLOR MITCHELL, an artist/computer consultant, on the flight to Rome. They click, but sometimes he’s mysterious. Just her luck if an eligible man has skeletons in his closet. Nine days later, a false accusation, plus a problem from his past forces Taylor to leave the tour. Can Sydney find him, and–in her unique, resourceful fashion–heal old wounds and bring about a happy-ever-after?


EXCERPT of The Italian Job:

I landed the assignment to go to Rome—not because I was the best writer on the staff of L.A. Life Magazine, nor because I could speak Italian (because I couldn’t). My incredibly important skill was availability. Time was short. Jason was on his honeymoon. Pamela was very pregnant. And no less than three staff members were out with the…

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Moreno Brothers by Elizabeth Reyes

Hi all! I cam across this series because my sister wouldn’t shut up about it so I picked up a copy. I definitely saw the appeal.

Books in this series, Forever Mine, Always Been Mine, Sweet Sofie, Romero, Making You Mine.MB-banner

With this series each story is different and unique. the characters in these books grow and the readers need to grow with them to understand how the changes in these relationships.

Forever Mine is the first in the series about Sarah and Angle and just about teenage romance, Making You Mine is the last book and it’s adult and the best part is it includes a nice finale of how everyone ended up after 3years.  The snip bit about Angel and Sarah was both heartbreaking and heartwarming.

The books are intense, juvenile, annoying, comical, wonderful… just an all round series that you will definitely want to read.

My top 3 in the series:

1. Forever Mine

2. Making You Mine

3. Romero

About Author

499602I was born and raised and continue to live in sunny southern California. I’m married and have two wonderful teens. My love for writing began when I was just a kid though, I never really had any dreams or aspirations of doing it for a living. Then along came the age of eReaders and I saw an opportunity. The Moreno Brothers series has literally changed my life. I now wake up to go to work a few yards from my bed. Forever Mine is the first in the series and is currently still free on Amazon but I anticipate that changing real soon. Always Been Mine is the second in the series, then Sweet Sofie and recently released Romero is the fourth. Making You Mine is the fifth in the series and will be available tentatively this December 2011. I already have another series in mind for when I’m done with this one. I will have more info sneak and peeks of that series which will be out in 2012. But I have so many other stories screaming to be told I only wish I could write faster!

I love hearing from my readers and try to always respond as soon as I can, so feel free to reach out!

Thanks for reading!

Reach Author at:

Website: http://www.ElizabethReyes.com
Twitter: AuthorElizabeth

Facebook: Facebook profile
Wattpad: Elizabeth_Reyes
Blog: http://www.ElizabethReyes.com

An Interview with Chase Stanton, hero of False Match

C4L_logo_RGBHi Everyone. Thank you for joining me. I have Chase Stanton, hero of False Match, Book 3  in my Coded for Love series with me today.  He is a team member of the Program, a group of genetically enhanced soldiers working for the US government.

Lynne: Hi Chase, thanks for taking the time to sit down with me today. I know things are pretty hectic on the Program campus.

Chase: Hectic is right. Between hunting for Paulson and dealing with the media circus, things have been wild, with a capital W. I guess we really freaked the American public out when news of our existence came out. You’d think they’d be excited medical science had advanced enough to create genetically enhanced soldiers. But nah, everyone’s freaking out, or demanding the same treatments for their own kids.

Lynne: Do you think that’d be good thing? Wouldn’t you want your child to be genetically enhanced?

Chase: Well in order for that to happen, I’d have to ditch my woman, Samara, and that’s not gonna happen. I don’t care if the other woman would be my perfect DNA breed match, I want Samara.

Lynne: What about the other soldiers? Don’t they all want their perfect DNA Breed match?

Chase: Hell yeah. You know Adam found Loren, and Xander & Emma…sh*t, I don’t want to talk about them. Too sad.

Lynne: Any leads yet into rescuing Xander?

Chase: No. I said, I don’t want to talk about it. It rips me apart thinking about him in captivity being tortured and God knows what else. Freaking sucks. Ask me something else.

Lynne: okay. Let’s do a lightening round.

Chase: A what?

Lynne:  I throw out a topic or question and you say the first thing that comes to mind.

Chase: Hit me.

Lynne: I apologize for the lack of originality of the first question, but women everywhere want to know, boxers or briefs?

Chase: boxer briefs or commando

Lynne: Last book you read

Chase: <grins> I read this kooky little kids book to Luca called Frannie K. Stein about a little girl who’s a mad scientist. We loved it, cause you know his mom, Samara’s a scientist. Not sure she’s mad though.  Only sometimes when I, well, never mind…

Lynne:  Favorite Sports team

Chase:  Not much of a traditional sports team guy. More of an X-Gamer, but the Baltimore Ravens would be the hometown team, so I guess I’m a Ravens fan.

Lynne: X-box or Wii

Chase: X-box, but I’m getting a Wii for Luca for his birthday. I better run that by Samara first. She wants him reading books or playing outside.

Lynne:  Favorite Book?

Chase:  Brave New World by Huxley

Lynne: What you love about Samara?

Chase: Her brain. She’s a genius. Literally. And it doesn’t hurt that she fills out the sexy bras I buy her nicely.

Lynne: Anything else you want to share?

Chase: Sure, read my book. I need to keep Samara in sexy lingerie!

Check out this link for more on Lynne Silver https://christinaow.wordpress.com/2013/03/15/false-match-book-three-in-the-coded-for-love-series-by-lynne-silver/

Books 1, 2 & 3 of the Coded for Love series, Heated Match, Conquered Match and False Match are out now.

falsematch_msr index2 index

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False Match, Book Three in the Coded for Love Series By Lynne Silver.

September 2012 (5 of 11)

By day, Lynne Silver lives the suburban soccer mom life; volunteering with the PTA, doing laundry and working. By night she enters the sensuous world of alpha males and passionate heroines.

She calls the nation’s capital home and lives in an old fixer-upper with her husband and their two sons. When not writing romance, she reads it. Lots of it. Over and over and over again, preferably with a bag of M&Ms in hand. She is represented by literary agent, Jessica Alvarez of Bookends LLC

Where to Find Lynne:

http://www.lynnesilver.com  (be sure to sign up for the quarterly newsletter)

Twitter: @LynneSilver

Facebook: LynneSilverAuthor

falsematch_msrGenetically enhanced soldier Chase Stanton has two jobs in life. One, he must kick ass on all missions for the Program and, two, breed with his DNA breed mate, whoever and wherever she may be. Two problems. Chase learns he isn’t genetically enhanced after all and Doctor Samara Jones, the woman he craves beyond all reason, is likely an enemy of his team and not his true match. Too bad they can’t keep their hands off each other.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age. If you are under the age of 18, please exit this site.

An Excerpt From: FALSE MATCH

Copyright © LYNNE SILVER, 2013

All Rights Reserved, Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Inc.

“It’s early. Are you really going to bed?”

She hesitated. She wasn’t the least bit tired and with Luca sleeping she couldn’t turn on the television or a light to read by.

“Come in here. Keep me company.” Chase patted the mattress. The connecting rooms were obviously for a family. Chase had the king bedroom for the parents, while she’d opted for the kids’ room with two full beds, one for her, one for Luca.

“Stop glaring at me, Jonesie. I’m not going to molest you. I’m bored and want some company.”

She took one tiny step toward his room and eyed the large mattress as if it were a flaming pit with snakes under the covers. Chase’s big body took up more than his fair share of the bed. He had no shirt on, and she couldn’t tell what he wore on the bottom, since his lower half was tucked under the starched white sheet.

He grinned. “I’m not naked.”

“I didn’t say you were.” She remained in the doorway between the rooms.

“Were you hoping I was?”

“Don’t be ridiculous.” She would pay big money to see him in the buff.

“Look, I have on boxers.” He flung the cover off his lap, revealing his long, bare muscular legs and boxers that were brief by any definition. The royal-blue underpants were nearly skintight and hugged the bulge at his crotch.

“Do you…are you?” He was getting an erection! As she stared.

He folded his arms behind his head and crossed his legs at his ankles. “With the way you’re staring at me, hell yeah, I’m gonna sprout wood.”

“You are vulgar.” And she couldn’t tear her gaze away. Her lower belly flip-flopped and, oh my, she was actually getting wet. As wet as when she came from self-pleasuring, and all it had taken was one good look at Chase’s package. “I’m going to shower. Good night.”

“Don’t be a bore, Jonesie. I’ll cover it up and stay under the covers. You can sit on top of the sheet.”

His words did nothing to quell the heated lust at the images of her being on top entailed. She swallowed and paused, still in the doorway. She really didn’t want to shower at this moment. Every second with Chase was more exciting than her last thirty years had been combined, other than the birth of her son. Wasn’t that a sad commentary?

“Fine, but no tricks and no sex.”

Chase pulled the covers back over him practically to his chin. “Have it your way, but it would be so terrible?”

“Would what be so terrible?”

He waggled a finger between them as she carefully sat on the edge of the mattress. “You, me, sex?”

“You know it would. Maybe the sex would be fine, but anything else would be terrible. We’re oil and water, Chase.”

“Maybe, but I get you hot and bothered. You’re not the slightest bit interested in seeing what happens when oil and water mix?”

“Not in the slightest.” She kept her gaze straight ahead on the television screen, but if there were a test later on what was on, she’d fail.

“Liar.” His word held no heat except for a sexual one.

“I’m not lying.”

“I think I have one more thing to add to the list of things that get Doctor Samara Jones hot.”

“What are you talking about? You have nothing on me.”

He held up a finger. “One. Romance novels get you going. Don’t think I didn’t notice the bookmark that was at the halfway point. I only gave you the book, what, forty-eight hours ago, and you’ve been working for a lot of those hours. Which means you were up late reading last night.”

She pushed his finger away. “It proves nothing other than the lack of interesting things to do on campus and the fact that all of my personal belongings were taken from me.”

He ignored her protest and raised another finger. “And two, staring at men’s junk gets you really revved up.”

Her face felt as if it were on fire.

“Tell me, Jonesie. Does any cock get you hot, or is it just mine?”

She needed water. Now. She practically threw her legs off the bed in an attempt to flee with her dignity intact, but Chase moved with quiet speed and grabbed her before she could step away more than a foot from the bed. His arms anchored her in place and pulled her backward, her back against his chest. And her rear against… Oh. My. It felt even larger than it looked.

“Number three added to the list,” he whispered in her ear. “A hard cock rubbing against your sweet ass.”

A noise escaped her. It might have been a whimper, but she was struggling to find balance and sanity in the tornado of sensation that assaulted her. Between Chase’s dirty words and his hard body against her, she didn’t know which way was up anymore.

“Let me go,” she whispered.

“Absolutely. If I thought you wanted me to, but you don’t, do you?” He pressed a tiny kiss to her earlobe then bit gently. “Don’t talk, just nod or shake your head. Got it?”

She nodded.

“Do you want me to let you go?”

She nodded. And then shook her head.

“Which is it, Samara? In or out?”

In and out? Oh wait, that wasn’t the question.

Chase’s arms loosened around her enough so she could turn to face him. As soon as she was around, he unwound his arms and scooted back on the bed. He wasn’t smiling, instead he watched her intently. “You with me, babe?”

Her head bobbed as if an invisible string was pulling it up and down. She couldn’t figure out how she was alone in a dark room with the sexiest man she’d ever met and he seemed to want her also. On paper this was a disaster waiting to happen. She was not his type and he was definitely not hers, but short of her son waking up in the adjacent room or a bomb going off in the hotel, she wasn’t moving.

“Do you want to have sex, Samara?” Chase asked, looking as serious as she’d ever seen him. “It doesn’t have to mean anything. It could just be sex to make each other feel good.”

Her lips parted to say yes, but then she closed them. Who was he kidding? It would mean something. They were working in close proximity, her son adored him and she was too off balance to keep her emotional distance.

“What do you want, Jonesie?”

The mocking nickname helped. “I want to see you. Naked.

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Review: “Shades of Darkness: Redemption Series Book Two” by Melynda Price

Charles Ray's Ramblings

In Melynda Price’s Shades of Darkness, Redemption Series: Book Two, we pick up on the continuing saga of Olivia, a mortal with the ‘sight.’ Olivia has the rare ability to ‘see’ the dark angels, and thus expose them to mankind, and for this, they are determined to destroy her. She has been guarded since birth by Liam, a Ronnin warrior commissioned to be her guardian angel. Liam’s problem, though, is that he has fallen in love with her, thus threatening his very angelic status.

As Olivia, now a fully grown woman, is about to wed, Liam learns of yet another attempt by the Dark Court to kill her, and he again risks the displeasure of his own superiors in order to save her.

A fascinating blend of theology and mysticism, love and betrayal, Price takes us into the minds and hearts of the characters in a deft way. Although some…

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