Trial Of Love is to be published by Secondwind Publishing


imagesHi All!

I just signed a contract with Second Wind Publishing to publish my Historical Regency romance Trial Of Love. I am so excited! The Slave Bound Series is one of my favorite series I have written to date and I can’t wait to share the lives of these characters with you. The publication date for Trial of Love is yet to be decided but once I get that information from the publishers I’ll be sure to let you know.

So far, I’ve completed 3 out of 6 books in this series, Lady Nancy, Trial Of Love and A Lady Unbecoming.


Until then, here is a brief blurb on Trial Of Love


Melanie’s life in America is full of heartache since her mother died, but she has never allowed herself to fall into a depression- she had to care for her father. A few years later Melanie’s father marries another woman, Geraldine- a woman too wicked to be considered a mother. But she still has no time to wallow in her sorrows, she has two siblings to care of. After years of pain and abuse, her only option is marriage, but Geraldine does not allow her that chance. Sold off to slave traders, Melanie finds herself in an English whore house, her virtue being auctioned to the highest bidder!


Christopher, new Earl of Ashworth has only one goal in life- restore the family image to its former glory and bring back respect to his family title that his father had successfully ruined. He doesn’t believe in love and mistrusts everyone, he only believes in getting what he wants no matter the cost.

After being sold as a slave, Melanie luckily escapes an auction and hides in the carriage of Christopher Wimberely, Earl of Ashworth. Their romance is rocked with mistrust that proves to be their undoing.


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