Night Owl Review of Love Forever After

Hi All!

I’m back in South Africa from a two week vacation in Kenya. It was great going home for a while for some down time and to visit my family especially my two awesome grandmothers. But it’s back to work now and here is a review of Love Forever After by Night Owl Reviews.


“William and Kristy were deeply in love. They were a couple and true love was clearly in their lives. However, when tragedy strikes and Kristy passes away William is distraught. He is devastated…the love of his life is gone for good. And suddenly everything in the worlds seems horrible. Yet, when he walks into his house and sees Kristy there…it is odd…but perhaps she didn’t die after all. Or perhaps love has swallowed him whole and he is just as crazy as everyone thinks he is.

The writing was well done. There were some parts of the book I really enjoyed. However, I felt more like this was a drama that focused around William rather than a romance because there was no falling in love involved here. The story is about a man already in love and his wife who is a ghost. There are some surprises. There is this great connection that William speaks of and thinks about when Kristy is around, I simply did not feel this deep connection. On the whole, this book was an entertaining read.”

Reviewed By Beth Hardy



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