“Souls Around the World Blog Hop” an excerpt from Star Bright

Maria turned to face her, “Thanks, for everything and for letting us stay in your house.”

“No biggie, that’s what best friends…” Jane stopped, interrupted by a noise in the kitchen. They turned to face the kitchen door, neither of them making a move. Jane took a step and stood next to Maria, her eyes glued to the kitchen door, “I need to call Tom,” she put her hand in her apron pocket and pulled it out cursing quietly, “I left my phone behind the counter.”

Maria moved forward, “I’ll go get it.”  Jane pulled her back.

“Are you crazy? Let’s just get out of here!”

“What if they are covering all the exists? Let’s just call Tom and the Sheriff.” Maria pulled her hand out of Jane’s hold and walked quietly to the counter. She crouched down and searched for Jane’s phone.

“Maria!” Jane yelled. The fear in her voice made Maria freeze. She felt her heart race and her throat dry out. She hadn’t felt that kind of fear since Ricky died. She stood up and slowly turned to the shadow next to her.

“Hello honey, did you miss me?”

Maria’s heart raced faster and her body tightened. She fought  the  urge  to  curl  up  on  the  floor  and  cry desperately. She thought she had rid herself of this nightmare. She was right the first time, nothing could save her from him, not even death.

“You did this to me.” He hissed out pointing to his face with a disfigured finger. Maria hadn’t bothered to really look at him. When she heard his voice, the same scary,  angry  face  popped  into  her  head,  but  now  she really looked at him.

The left side of his face and neck was burnt and the skin was folded up. The edge of his lips and his left eye were drooped down. His arms were covered, but his fingers exposed more burn marks. He let his hair grow out to cover his forehead and his ear. Maria looked at him sickened,  all  she  could  think  about  was  the  character Two-face in the Batman movie.

Moving closer to Maria, “I disgust you, don’t I?” She moved back and bumped into the counter. There was nowhere  to  go,  “Answer  me,  do  I  disgust  you?”  He roared louder. Maria looked at him, the familiar fear creeping  inside  her.  She  jumped  on  the  counter,  but Ricky pulled her down before she could get over it. She fell back, crushing into the glasses and the liquor bottles behind her.

Jane watched Ricky for a moment, shocked that the dead man was still alive. He had been laying low for three months, healing and planning his revenge. She should have known, evil people are usually harder to kill. When Maria went crushing into the glasses, she picked up a stool and knock Ricky over the head with it. He fell over Maria like a ton of bricks. Maria screamed, pushing Ricky off her with her bleeding hands, Jane grabbed her phone and her purse and followed Maria out of the diner.

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