Introducing The Elusive Author Brenda K. Davies…. Part 1

I found her!

A few of my readers know I’ve been trying to find Brenda K. Davies, author of Awakened and Destined, two books that have taken the writing industry by storm with thousands of it’s readers going nuts over them. I bet I’m not the only one who has been surfing the web for a third book if there is one (we’ll all find out soon enough), and I’m not the only one who has been trying to track down the author to ask about it. I’ve been searching for her since 2012 and without her real name and no publisher, it was near impossible until Nicole, another crazy fan, commented on my post, giving me a great lead- Brenda’s other pen name Erica Stevens.

Most authors are extremely easy to find because they leave you all their links but not Brenda she left no clue not even to her other pen name, in fact as Erica Stevens another renowned name in the fantasy fiction world, she makes no reference to being Brenda Davies, thus she was dubbed ‘The Elusive Author’.

Why two pen names and who is this elusive author readers are in love with her work? Let’s find out.


Please tell us a bit about yourself do you have a spouse or significant other – kids? Pets? Where in the world do you live? Where did you grow up?

My real name is Heather. I’ve been married to my husband and best friend for three years now. We met at work when I was still landscaping and have been together for eight years. We live in Massachusetts but I was born in New York and I’ve spent a lot of time traveling back and forth between the states and my parents. We don’t have any children yet, but maybe one day. For now we have a fish, Klinger, and our new very spoiled puppy, Loki. I’d like to eventually own a farm and fill it with rescue animals and horses but that’s probably going to have to wait awhile.

003When did you first know you wanted to write? 

I’ve always known it was what I wanted to do, I don’t remember a time when I didn’t want to be a writer. It’s the one thing that I’ve always loved to do.

 What was your journey to publication like?

I did the querying of agents for a good five years with no luck before deciding to self publish. It has definitely been an interesting journey and one that I never would have expected when I first published some of my books.

What real life events and experiences fuel your writing?

I’ve held some jobs that a lot of other people may not have even heard of, or want to do. It really helped to introduce me to a wide range of people and characters that I may not have met or got to experience otherwise.

 Is writing a part time deal? If so what full time career/job do you do and how does it compare to the fulfillment you get from writing?9781476024066.225x225-75

Thankfully it is a full time deal for me now, but until I was fortunate enough to be able to focus on writing I’d been working as a landscaper for ten years. It was a great job to have as I had the winters off and during the work season I would wake up at two in the morning to write before work. Before landscaping I’d worked as a Mental Health worker in a prison while going to college, and before that I was a groom and trainer for Standardbred race horses.

You write fantasy, paranormal romance, and each book is unique to the one before what inspires you?

I’ve always loved vampires, horror movies, myths and legends. I’ll watch and read anything I can get my hands on in the paranormal genre. Some of the story ideas come to me in dreams or nightmares or from my incessant daydreaming. I live in my own mind and my own world a LOT and have a tendency to walk into things.

 You use two different pen names Erica Stevens and Brenda K. Davies, why is that? What’s the story behind each one?

I lost two of my best friends ten years ago exactly one month apart. A couple of months after their deaths I was having a conversation with my friend and, I told her that if I was ever published I would use the name Erica Stevens in memory of Eric and Steve. Brenda was my grandmother’s name, K is mine and my mom’s middle initial, and Davey was a long time family friend who passed away so Brenda Davies is in honor of them. I hope to one day go through some of my older stuff and release it for middle graders under my real name. I may even start to use my real name with Erica Stevens and Brenda Davies as it would mean a lot to my parents if I did.

002 (3)What does your family think about your writing, especially of your fans who are pretty much obsessed with your writing? 

Lol I’m not sure about obsessed but they are great. There have been some tough times that I’m not sure I would have gotten through without them. They never fail to cheer me up.

My mom was thrilled, she knows how much this has meant to me and how much I’ve written and worked on my stories since I was a little girl. My dad is really proud and very happy for me. One of his favorite pieces of advice is to do what you love in life as he was fortunate enough to be able to do. My husband thinks it’s great and keeps telling me I told you so. He did tell me to self publish earlier but who listens to their husbands?

Do you have a go to person who reads your manuscripts before you query them? What did he/she think of your first MS?

I do have an editor now, Leslie, who I was fortunate enough to meet by doing this. She is an awesome person and has become a good friend. She has gone through and edited a lot of what I initially published for me and she has done all the newer books I’ve released. Before I had decided to self publish no one had ever read anything I wrote. I was very protective of my stories and it’s still difficult for me to let them go.

You’ve been referred to as an elusive author with a huge following, does that shock you?

It completely shocked me. I had no idea people were even looking for me until I was doing another interview and she asked if I had any other pennames. When I told her Brenda K. Davies she was very excited and told me that people had said I was elusive and had been looking for me. I wasn’t trying to hide but I’ve been more focused on the Erica Stevens set of series. I didn’t want to combine the two because of the fact that Brenda is a lot more adult. I am hoping to have a website soon though and Brenda will have her own links and news on it.


 Tell us more about your books, what more should your fans expect from you?

Lots more books 🙂 I plan to keep writing until I can’t write anymore. I’ve also been writing books since I was nine so I have a backlog that I would like to go through one day and eventually release under Erica Stevens, Brenda K. Davies and my own name. I am almost done with the second Survivor Chronicles, finishing the third Ravening book, and then I will be writing Jack’s story from The Captured Series.

Awakened and Destined for lack of a better word are awesome. I’ve never read books that have me so involved that I’m sad when I flip the last page. Now the question everyone has been losing sleep over, is there a third book and when is it coming out?

I’m glad you enjoyed them so much, it really means a lot to me when people like or love the characters as much as I do. Unfortunately at this time there isn’t a third book in that series. I do have three historical romances I’d like to release under that name when I get a chance. I may return to the Awakenings world in the future, some of those characters deserve a happy ending too.



Want to know more about Heather? Drop in next Wednesday for the continuation of this interview. If you have any questions you’d like to ask Heather please comment on this post before the 7th of October and I’ll forward them to her.

So excited about getting to know Heather, though a little sad we’ll have to wait a while for book 3 of the Awakenings series. In the meantime I’m getting cozy with the second book of the Captured Series (one, Captured is free on Amazon).



6 thoughts on “Introducing The Elusive Author Brenda K. Davies…. Part 1

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  2. So sad that there is no third book in this series yet. I finished both books int the span of 5 days (which is big for me since I am dyslexic). I really hope that she will continue this series.

  3. you should write a new book for awakened and destined I mean I never loved to read but when I read this book it made me read more its an amazing book I must have read it millions of times! please make a third book id really like to buy it the same day it comes out and maybe get you sign on it:)

  4. have you found anything yet? awakened and destined are my two favorite books and i really want to know what happens to Isabelle and Stefan… please let me know..

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