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If you haven’t already, meet Madison Knight, the chocolate-loving detective, who is determined to solve murder and find justice for the victims—even if that means coming into contact with the sight of blood.

However, in Found Innocent, the latest release in the series (releasing October 16th!), she doesn’t have to face too messy of a crime scene, at least in one sense. What she does have to deal with is whether or not she’s willing to jeopardize departmental relationships and cross the wall of blue.

Here, this is what it’s about:

FIThere’s one code when it comes to the wall of blue…and Madison Knight may have to cross it.

 Any good cop knows you never report a brother for mishandling a case or accuse him of misconduct, but in order to find justice, Madison may not have a choice.

Lacy Rose had one goal for her twentieth birthday—to be found innocent of past sins—but her life is cut short.

When Lacy’s remains are found in a garden and the investigation becomes connected to a closed case, Madison must face her past. The lead detective on that case was Madison’s ex-fiancé. At the risk of jeopardizing departmental relationships, and churning up the attention of an old flame at the same time, Madison must push hard before the guilty are found innocent.

Excerpt from Chapter 23:

 Canine Country Retreat Boarding was located on the outskirts of the city, on a country road. A farm house was next to it, and another house sat right on the property and belonged to the owners of the kennel. The gravel crunched beneath her tires as she drove in.

Madison had dropped Hershey off there in the morning, knowing she might keep him there for a few days while working on the case, but she missed him and figured she could drop him off again tomorrow.

The door chimed as she opened it. A lady in her early twenties was smiling at her from behind the counter.

“Miss him?”

“Yeah, I guess I did.” Madison returned the woman’s smile.

“Well, he’s doing great.” She picked up a walkie-talkie and spoke into it. “Please bring up Hershey, kennel number three-B.”

Madison tapped the counter and looked at the girl, passing minutes in awkward silence. This was new to her, all of it. The uncomfortable feeling associated with this and the caring for a canine companion. It wasn’t something she had envisioned for her life, but it was starting to come together. At least Terry kept assuring her it would.

The boarding during the day had been his idea too, and he and Annabelle were paying for half of it—for the first six months anyhow. She had decided to only bring him here when a case took over her life.

Terry said that it was advantageous to get Hershey used to being around other dogs sooner rather than later. Sometimes, the entire scenario had Madison shaking her head, hoping she’d wake up from a dream.

“He was out there playing with this poodle-cross we board. He likes her.” The lady’s words broke through Madison’s thoughts.

Madison smiled at the woman, her words bringing up another responsibility she would need to take care of—getting him fixed. This dog was going to break her. Some Christmas gift. “I’ll bring him back tomorrow morning and he may have to stay for a few days.”

“Sure, that’s—”

Hershey came through the doorway, trailing a woman behind him, by his leash. His little body pulled her along, and his tail wagged wildly when he saw Madison. For a trace of an instant, Madison imagined his fur under her hands, and not long after it was reality.

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The Madison Knight Series is a clean, murder mystery series meaning mild graphic violence and language. Each book is self-contained so you can read any of the books, and out of order, if you wanted to.  Books in the series in released order: Ties that Bind, Justified, Sacrifice, Life Sentence (Prequel in which Madison has a cameo role), and Found Innocent.

Carolyn Author Photo 2013 Color Small Carolyn Arnold started to take writing seriously six plus years ago when a co-worker said “tell me a story”. Since then she’s written nine novels and has plans to write many more. She has a love for the canine world and has two beagles that are affectionately named Max and Chelsea. Like her female protagonist Madison Knight, she loves her chocolate and has been known, on occasion, to speak her mind.

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