Jo-Ann’s Law

Jo-Ann Carson

Jo-Ann’s Law

You know Murphy’s Law:  “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” Which relates to…

The Law of Entropy: Systems move towards disorganization, chaos… randomness. Not a pretty sight.

Let me tell you about Jo-Ann’s law. It’s a caveat to the others:

“The nastiest obstacles lurk in the shadow of the finish line.”

You know the feeling. You’re almost there. Your goal is in sight. You can see the end, your book in your hand. You can hear the end, the wine cork popping. You can smell the end, dark chocolate on fresh strawberries. Your dreams become dreamier, because you think you are getting closer.

And then there’s a glitch. You fix it and there’s another… Then another… That’s how my week’s been.

I’ve been playing Wackamo with formatting a file for Create Space. So close.  So close… Yet so far.

After I complained loudly…

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