Love Is Blind by Maribeth Shanley

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LOVE IS BLINDWhether they are visual or verbal, I love writing prompts. They test your creativity while allowing you to have fun.

For me, the word count has always been my challenge. I tend to be wordy; however, I’m learning to edit out the stuff that isn’t necessary to the story. I think Twitter is teaching me this technique. Doing exercises like the one below do as well.

I recently stumbled on a site that challenged the writer to use the line, “They say love is blind” as the first sentence of a 350 word count or less story. The result was 339 words.  I am about to enter a short-short story contest of 1,000 words or less, so I took my love is blind theme and embellished it so that the word count is now 691.  Here it is.

Love Is Blind

By Maribeth Shanley

They say love is blind.

I can tell you from…

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