Does a “strong” female lead need weapons or the ability to kick someone’s butt?

Christa Yelich-Koth

Strong, female protagonist. I hear people calling for them all over the place. We need role models for women and girls, we need leads that aren’t male, we need kickass women!

What do YOU think of when you think of a strong, female lead?

Most of the images I’ve found for Hollywood science fiction and fantasy popular movies involve beautiful women who can either a) fix and/or drive cars/machines, b) physically kick butt or c) use firearms/weapons with amazing proficiency, such as Black Widow or Lara Croft.


I can recall when becoming powerful as a corporate woman meant “strong”. A suit. No family. And as smart and clever as a man in the same position. Tough, no-nonsense, aggressive, ambitious, and proud. Big shoulder pads. Stiletto heels. (Not sure about you, but that image seems to have some flaws of its own.)

So now we jump forward a couple of…

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