The Writer’s Journal by J. Busskohl

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journalI go through phases where my creativity is like a full bottle of Diet Coke with a Mentos dropped inside; ideas are literally spewing from me. Then I go through phases where there is nothing but creative silence; my mind feels empty and dark and still. There’s no rhyme or reason to either of these times, at least none that I can tell, none that I’ve noticed, none that I can put my finger on. I’ve tried to pay attention during the quiet times. Why is nothing coming to me now? Why is my mind a blank? Why is no little voice whispering crazy thoughts to my muse, who in turn shouts them at me? Generally nothing comes to me during these times. I am, quite literally, a void. Still, for the longest time, I would carry my journal. Waiting. Keeping it handy just in case.

Until I didn’t keep it handy…

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