Why We Write

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Writers are fairly normal people and live and work for the same reason other artists live and work. It’s pretty simple, Musicians make music because they have to. Singers sing because they have to. Actors act because they have to. Dancers dance because they have to. Artists paint, draw, sculpt, print, throw pots, blow glass, and build things because they have to. And, writers write because they have to.

TO not make music, dance, act, sing, create art, make things and write would be half a life for creative people. Doing what they feel compelled to do, what they HAVE to do, makes them feel whole.

Artists, however, are not alone in their need and passion to do and create. Psychologists have long understood that when life has purpose, most of us find happiness, whether that purpose is planting a garden, raising a child, building a bridge, teaching kindergarten, keeping…

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