His Paris Affair

Ruiz Albury went to the Bahamas for one reason, to get back what was his as the rightful heir of his father with rage and resentment that has been festering for years.  But once he gets there, he’s treated as part of a family, shown love and care he’d only dreamed about and all his carefully laid plans are forgotten. In fact, they are buried deep in his mind when he meets Melody Sinclair.

Melody Sinclair thought she’d found one of the good ones.  She loved Ruiz and trusted him enough to make him a part of her life, only to have it shuttered when she finds out his secret. Heart broken and distraught, she gets drunk and decides to get over him by getting under someone else, only for it to turn out to be the worst mistake of her life.  Trapped, with nowhere to turn, Ruiz sweeps in like a knight in shining armor ready to battle her dragon.

Row of columns (Italy, Vatican)



Ruiz nodded, “Agreed. I do love you Mel and I hope our love story isn’t as eventful as my siblings.” He chuckled, “I’d rather not face any mad men just to keep you.”
Melody pouted, “Yeah well, I kind of liked their love stories. They were right out of my favorite romance novels.”
He shook his head as he chuckled, “Yeah epic love stories with too many close calls for my liking. I like Matthew and Amy’s love story better—drama free. Come on let’s go to the Lovelock Bridge.”
She tucked herself in his side as they walked to Pont de l’Archevêché, “You see, this is why I don’t like watching romantic movies with you. You have no flair for dangerous love. I find the whole ‘it’s me and you against the world’ so incredibly sexy!”
“Aha, right now it’s me and you against snow and human traffic. Walk a little faster.”
Melody huffed, “Not a single romantic bone in your body!”
“Really?” he pulled her to a jog to the bridge blanketed with padlocks. She watched laughingly as he searched for an empty spot, running up and down the bridge until he came to a sudden stop and called her over, “Found one, come here!”
She jogged to him still laughing, “Okay, I was wrong you do have a romantic bone—might be the smallest one in your body but it’s still there.”
He fake glared at her then handed her a brand new lock, “Would you Melody Sinclair take this epic romantic step with me?”
“Yes, I will.” Together they secured the lock on the bridge but Melody noticed something was missing, “Ruiz, where is the key to the lock? We need to throw it over?”
“Why?” he asked with a hint of a smile on his face.
Melody rolled her eyes, “That bone is getting smaller. The lock signifies our unbreakable love and throwing the key so that neither of us have it says we won’t voluntarily break our love by opening the lock.” She held out her open hand, palm up to him, “Now, the key?”
“Instead of throwing it, why don’t you keep it? Think of it as me giving you the key to my heart.”
Melody blushed, “That bone just grew longer. Ruiz Albury, I would be honored to keep your heart and its key close to mine. And I promise to treasure both with all that’s within me.”
Ruiz pulled his hand out of his jacket pocket and placed the key in Melody’s hand. But there was something strange about the key. She waited for him to draw his hand away and her heart stopped for what felt like a whole minute.
“Ruiz!” she breathed, tears shimmering in her eyes.
“You just made me a promise, and I’m going to hold you to that.”
There, lying in her hand in the same key ring as the key was her mother’s engagement ring and now her engagement ring. It was beautiful—well it always has been beautiful but at that moment, it was magnificent.
He took the ring from her palm and removed it from the key ring. He handed her the key, “Keep this safe until we can find a chain for it,” then he went down on one knee, took her left hand and slid the ring home, “Just to be clear and avoid all confusions. Melody Sinclair, would you take my heart, for it is all of worth that I have to give, my soul to mate with yours in this life, the hereafter and the next life. And my body to support you as yours does mine, to hold you because having you in my arms completes my existence and to give you life because there is nothing I would love more than to see your body grow with my child inside you. Melody Sinclair, will you marry me?”
With all the laughing and crying all she could do was nod yes. She was finally getting her own happily ever after.

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