Dukkha Fate

Fantasy Romance  Suspense Multicultural Interracial Werewolf MagickFateReborn_MED

#1 Fate Reborn

#2 Twists of Fate

#3 Tides Of Fate

#4 Reins of Fate

#5 Fate’s New Dawn

christinaASHATcover copy

Fate Reborn begins with Ashat’s story and how he became a werewolf. Then moves on to how he impacted Merilee’s life at a young age and how their love affair begins, amongst all the dangers of truth, jealousy and revenge.

The second book, Twists of Fate brings forward their worst enemy- pride. Will Ashat’s old age pride drive a wedge between him and Merilee, and would she ever be able to bear his unforgiving nature against her past indiscretion? Their wedge leads to increased danger, and finally a death. But does the new threat against their children prove to be their downfall? Read and see if this is the last straw.

Tides of Fate, the third book in the series shows Merilee and how fast she is forced to grow up. With new dedication for each other, Ashat and Merilee believe they can finally be happy. But a new threat, unleashes something inside her- magick.

The fourth book Reins of Fate is about Merilee’s search for answers. Ben her adopted son aids her in her search and someone from her past she believed dead comes to answer her questions and teach her about her new powers. Finally, Ashat’s past will be laid to rest- and raises more from the dead.

Fate’s New Dawn is the final book in the series. With all that has happened, Ashat and Merilee are back to the beginning, with a new very powerful threat to fight. For the sake of their daughter, who is half werewolf and half magick, they have to win.

christinacover copy


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