Tide Of Fate

This third book is the brigde between the first two and the second two. So much happens in Rein’s of Fate and Fate’s New Dawn and it’s all because of the night Ash and Lee meet. That night changed Lee’s fate completely giving her a new path. In the intro of the books, I spoke of there being magic, it only comes up at the end of Fate Unchaged, all because of Ash.

The danger they face in the first two books is like kid’s play compare to what they will be facing in the last two.

Chapter One

I looked out my small clouded window and watched the sun rise, a flutter in my chest. I couldn’t help but smile watching the sun rays shoot up and push the night away making way for the bright sun. I felt a shiver and a tickle all over me like I had a thousand butterflies batting their wings against my skin just remembering the night I spent at the beach with Ash. We watched the moon disappear and the sun take its place, his arms wrapped lovingly around me, his body keeping me warm as the cool ocean breeze teased me with goose bumps.

I hugged myself and sighed longingly. I could still feel his arms there, his breath in the nape of my neck, his warm body curve around me as I sank deeper into his embrace and his bouquet mixed with the sweet ocean scent that made all my senses tingle.

“Ash,” I whispered feeling giddy. The touch of his name on my lips made me smile. He was the one man who’d managed to turn my life upside down and right side up again. He was both a curse and a blessing in my life but I could never regret loving him. I found myself beside him and saw how much of me I was hiding behind an invisible cloak of fear and isolation. That scared dependant little girl didn’t exist anymore, all thanks to him.

I was capable of doing things I thought outrageously impossible and powerless over. One of those things was leaving Ash.

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