His Bahamas Affair

After his joke of a marriage came to an end when his wife ran off with a guest from his resort, Reno Albury decides one night stands are more his speed- especially if they were blonde and blue eyed like his wife. So he was jaded, at least he was having some fun. Until he came face to face with a blonde and blue eyed girl  at his sister’s wedding he couldn’t play the fast game with.

Loraine Larson has a secret that nobody knows thanks to her father’s money and high powered friends. She’s spent years trying to forget the hell she went through in Paris. Wanting to test her new found strength she goes back to the scene of the crime only to come back with more nightmares. She can’t sleep without seeing that monster’s face, but she dicovers a shield for that in the arms of her bestfriend’s brother, and now she’s determined to stay in them no matter the cost.

Reviews Row of columns (Italy, Vatican)

‘This book had suspense, sex, kidnapping, murder and a very happy ending. I loved it. Didn’t put it down until I was finished. Next time just add more sex scenes please. Ijs. Lol.’

‘Crazy Lori! Loved Reno’s term of endearment for Lori…this book made me frustrated, it made me laugh, cry and believe in love again.’

‘After reading HVA i just had to get the second book, and i must say its completely different from the first, something very rarely seen in series of this kind.’

Chapter One

Loraine frantically looked around the dimly lit room as she tagged at her hands tied above her head on the bed post.

Where am I? What the hell’s going on? How did I get here?

Loraine wiggled her legs and was relieved that they weren’t bound. That was an advantage to her- she didn’t know how yet, but it was a good thing. She just had to believe that. She needed to stay positive if she had any luck of making it out of there alive.

She struggled to control her labored breathing, pushing the fear at bay. She needed to be calm if she was going to think of a way out of there. First things first, she needed to see if anything around her was familiar and figure out what the hell happened before she landed in this predicament. She looked around and took account of what she knew so far.

I’m tied to the bed but my legs are free. I’m in a hotel room. She sucked in a breath, startled when she recognized the room. I’m in my hotel room!

She was being held hostage, in her own room! She fought to swallow a sob as she batted back tears.

I can’t panic. She took in a deep breath. Don’t panic, just stay calm and figure a way out.

The last thing she remembered was walking down the hallway, and then there was a burst of light in her eyes, accompanied by excruciating pain in the back of her head before everything went black.

Then I woke up here with nothing but my underwear on.

She sobbed again, but this time she let her tears fall free. Yes, her legs were free, yes she had her panties on but what’s to say whomever had taken her hadn’t already…

No! Don’t think like that! Maybe he hasn’t already… maybe he’s just waiting for me to wake up before he…

Why else was she tied to the bed? And she didn’t feel soar in the apex of her thighs, so she still had time to hope for a way out, as little as it might be before the sadist came back.

The semester in Paris was supposed to be fun not a nightmare. She thought she was running away from problems on the home front, who knew she was running towards something even worse? She snorted at the irony.

She looked down at her partially nude body again and cursed her limitless credit card. She shouldn’t have bought the sexy lace underwear. It would only tempt him further to defile her. She bought the expensive things because she wanted her parents so see the bill and get pissed off- it was the only time they acknowledged that they had a daughter. Now her juvenile victory had come round to bit her in the ass.

Loraine admitted that she was no saint- head strong, defiant, and stubborn and an everyday pain in the ass were all her middle names but she wasn’t a bad person. She didn’t deserve this!

Why did he pick her to torment? What did she do and out of millions of people in Paris, why did she catch the psycho’s attention? Belonging to one of the rich families in New York, she always knew she was at risk of getting kidnapped to be ransomed off, but this… no. She wasn’t trained for this.

There were no tutorials on what to do if you were taken by a sexual psycho because no one anticipated for it!

Things like this didn’t happen to people like me!

She turned her head to the side, pressing her mouth to her shoulder to muffle the sounds of her crying.

“Loraine, mon coeur, my heart…”

Loraine jumped at the sing song French accent that came from the bathroom door.

Unable to keep the panic at bay, she cried out as she struggled with her restraints, chaffing her wrists with the silk ties.

“What the hell do you want?” she yelled at the dark figure that stood at the foot of the bed, staring down at her.

Just his gaze made her feel exposed and dirty. She turned her head away as she continued to struggle when he pulled his shirt over his head and reached down to undo his pants. She felt the bed dip at the foot and she cried out tagging harder.

“There is no where to go my sweet Loraine. Vous êtes tous les miens.”

“No! Let me go. I don’t belong to you! Please I’ll pay you what you whatever you want,” she cried.

The stranger shushed her with a soothing tone as he climbed over her. Loraine screamed again, using her legs to try and kick him off her. He fell hard on her, knocking the wind out of her and trapping her under him.

“Get off me! Please get off me!”

The stranger grabbed her chin and turned her face towards him. She shut her eyes tightly, sucking her lips into her mouth. She wasn’t going to look at him and he was not going to kiss her!

“Loraine, open your eyes mon bonbon. Come on mon amour, let me taste your sweet lips.”

She shook her head, struggling to pull her chin out of his grip.

“Loraine, wake up.”

Loraine paused, shocked by the sudden change of his voice. She knew that voice.


She slowly opened her eyes and her heart jumped when her eyes stared right into his evil grey ones.

“What do you want?” she cried.

Joli, those sweet red lips,” then his lips came down on hers.


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