Because I Love Him

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BWWM Interracial Romance Novella.


Rafael DeLuca and Talia McKenna fall in love when the Italian business mogul goes to Boston to visit one of his family’s companies international offices and she is assigned to be his guide. But Rafe is already engaged and his marriage is also meant to merge his father’s and future father-in-law’s companies. He calls off the wedding and just days later, he finds Talia in bed with his brother.

Months later Rafe is ready to fulfill his obligation by marrying his fiance and commit to his family responsibility but Talia crushes his wedding. She isn’t ready to let go of him just yet.


“Miss McKenna, are you ready?” Mr. Garisson her lawyer asked, taking her hand in his and giving it an encouraging squeeze.

Am I ready? Talia asked herself as she stared at Rafe, standing up front looking as breathtaking as the first moment she’d laid eyes on him.

She remembered how she’d loved to comb her fingers through his thick raven hair when he laid his head on her chest after they’d made love. It was now shinny and held back in place with moose. His raised arms as he lifted the veil away from the bride’s face, reminded her of how safe she had felt when he held her as she slept. Or when he lifted her like she weighed nothing to kiss her because she was too short- she was five-six to his six-three and he still called her short. She was always so comfortable in those arms, her head resting on his thickly corded chest as he carried her.

She remembered how gentle he’d been with his lips, his hands and his body when they made love for the first time, her first time and how he’d held her after, speaking words of love in Italian. She loved the weight of his body on hers as he moved inside her, his raged breathes in her ear and how his muscled arms tightened around her like a vise when he came. To know that she brought him satisfaction in all her inexperience boasted her ego. She remembered she thought that moment was the beginning of something incredible. She believed they were in love and their love making marked the beginning of a happy long life together. She’d been happy that she’d waited from ‘the one’.

Well, by what she saw before her, Rafe was in love just not with her.

Talia bitterly chuckled softly to herself as she shook her head. Her mother always said she lived in a fairytale. She remembered how she’d defended Rafe, saying that he was nothing like her own father. Her mother had told her the day would come when Talia would wake up from her fantasy. She did promise not to say ‘I told you so’, aloud at least.

When Talia had woken up at the hospital, sick to her stomach and scared out of her mind, the first thing she saw was her mother and the look in her eyes. She was saying it- I told you so- with her eyes. Talia turned away, curled up in a fetal position and cried for her fantasy.

Now, as she sat there at the pew watching the wedding ceremony, she wondered if she was ready to return the favor.

Am I ready to ruin your life like you ruined mine?

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