A Lady Unbecoming

Book 2 of the Slave Bound Series

Lydia Parker has never known love or compassion and doesn’t believe she ever will. After the death of her grandmother, she has no other choice but to fend for herself in the dangerous city of Dallas. She becomes two personnas to earn her living Lyod, a young skinny man who visits different peasant establishment to horn her craft of gambling and Wild Cat a seductive vixen and a whore to gain access to the gambling tables of wealthy men.  Lyida becomes the one thing no other woman dares to become, a survivor.


Lord Nicholas Wentworth, Earl of Townson loves a challenge, especially one that comes in a red mask and little underthings. He loves women and all they have to offer and is determined to sow his oats until the dreaded day he had to take a wife because he is determined to remain faithful and be nothing like his father.

Lies are told, lines are crossed and tempers are lost.

Will one of them finally conceed and let the other take the lead?


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Lydia played her part well, pressing a loud and long red kiss on Mr. Kingston’s cheek. “My love, your lucky charm is here.”

Mr. Kingston brushed the back of his hand over his perspiring brow. “And just in time Wild Cat,” he pulled her onto his lap and showed her his cards. “Work your magic for me would you?”

Lydia pulled the cards from his hands, “With pleasure, my love.”

“Is this how it works in Dallas? The hostesses act as saviours to their guests?”

Lydia smiled at the comment but kept her eyes on the bad hand Mr. Kingston held. The man’s English accent told her it was his first visit to the brothel.

“It’s our job to provide more than sexual pleasure My Lord. Relaxation and peace of mind is included in the services rendered.” She laid one card down and picked another.  She smiled at her luck, “We can’t have our guests going home more stressed than they arrived?”

She spread the winning hand on to the table, “Is that not right Mr. Kingston?”

Mr. Kingston cheered, bouncing her on his lap, “Yes Wild Cat!”

She looked up to watch the losers’ faces. The different reactions both fascinated and amused her. When her eyes settled on one particular man, she gasped. She’d never seen such deep blue eyes before.

He pushed his cards to the dealer, his eyes still on her. She felt her breathe catch when his grin deepened. Never had her interest and her body been stirred by a look or a smile before.

“Maybe you should come keep my lap warm for the next hand?”

The seduction aided by his accent seeped out with his words like an erotic fragrance that heated her flesh.

Lydia was startled out of her daze when Mr. Kingston pulled her roughly against him, his arm a tight restraint around her waist. “Oh no sir, she’s my lucky charm.”

In quick recovery, Lydia patted Mr. Kingston’s arm. “Calm yourself, love. I have no plans of vacating your person.”

The Englishman placed his elbows on the table and leaned forward. His biceps bulged, stretching the fabric of his shirt enough that Lydia thought it would rip over the moulds. “Fine, if not for a game of cards, then perhaps your other profession?” His brow rose suggestively and one end of his lips rose in a breathe taking half smile.

Lydia swallowed hard. His lustful look was the first that rendered her speechless. Her quick sharp tongue lay lifeless in her mouth.

Mr. Kingston laughed, “Not even for that sir.”

The Englishman shifted his gaze from her to the man she sat on for a moment before it rested back on her, “Is she your courtesan?”

Mr. Fisher, who sat to his right, snorted a laugh, “You will have no luck from that direction either. We’ve all tried to have our own romp in the sheets with her but Mr. Kingston threatens retaliation if anyone tried.”

The Englishman’s grin deepened. “It is possible what you offer is very low for her talents?”

Mr. Kingston leaned forward, pushing Lydia with him. Her hands fell on the table for support, inches away from the Englishman’s thick forearms. She stared at the few inches that separated their fingers from touching then back to the Englishman’s eyes, and swallowed the large lump in her throat.

How would it feel to touch his pale skin? Are his hands soft? What nonsense are you thinking of Lydia? She shook her head clear. She wasn’t a whore, even though the man’s gaze burned an unfamiliar fire in the pit of her belly.

Simple attraction, lust! She chastised herself as her eyes roamed his thick arms, broad shoulders and a chest she could only presume to be as hard as it was enticing from the little she could see from his parted collar and the two top undone buttons.

Lydia felt her body flush when her eyes travelled up his square jaw and a face that both echoed power and enticement. Her breathe seized when her eyes met his. They darkened with desire Lydia had seen in the eyes of many men. But none were as imposing and alluring as his. He didn’t drool, he had no reason to. His eyes clearly spoke his intentions and Lydia got the impression he’d seduced many women with just that look.

Those deep blue sea eyes….

“Listen Lord whatever your name is, she is mine and only mine. So drop your hunting!”

Mr. Kingston’s threat seemed to amuse the man. He laughed while his eyes slowly moved over Lydia’s visible body. Lydia felt her heart quicken under his consuming gaze. Never had a man made her so uncomfortable.

His eyes lingered on her breasts then rose to meet her own. “I’ll give you triple what he gives you, for the night.”

His voice was firm and direct. He was serious! But the most unbelievable thought, was that she was considering it. Not for the money he promised, but just to see him naked, to feel his hard body against hers.

Lydia sat back away from the table. It wasn’t her nature to let a man control her and she was quickly losing her sense drowning in this man’s eyes.

She was there for business not pleasure.

She smiled then tapped on the table to signal to the dealer to shuffle the cards, “Why not discuss this after we are done playing?”


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