Lady Nancy

Lady Nancy Davenport had one word to described the ladies of the Ton, humdrum!

In fact, she had a few more choice words for those witless, busybody gossip mongers who had nothing better to do but discuss the latest fashion, laugh at another’s misfortune or ply venom on a fortunate non-peer and ruin unsuspecting young ladies’ names!

But she did credit them for one thing, they could build a fish tale into a monstrous scandal!

What else was she to expect if they had accepted the marginalized positions men had placed them in? No wonder their brains had turned to mash!

Well, she wasn’t going to be one of the sheep in the flock. She was going to state her opinion on politics and economics and whatever other ‘male’ subject she pleased and challenge any gentleman to put her down. They would have no merit because she would be right. She would make sure of it even if she had to read all the periodicals in England!

Maybe not every gentleman… Lord Thomas Wimberley Earl of Ashworth had an uncanny ability to make her look a fool and run away in tears. And now the cad wanted to marry her!

There must be some scandalous reason… he despised her and she… she was a witless love struck fool when it came to him.

Well, that was neither here nor there! She would be his wife when hell froze over and Lucifer repented his sins!

This is a short novel that is a prequel to the Slave Bound Series

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