Darkenss Arisen by Stephanie Rowe

dar_coverLet me start by saying that Stephanie Rowe has one hell of an imagination!!

I enjoyed Darkness Arisen and I must say if you are a fan of the Order of the Blade, do not miss out on this one! Ian and Alice are like death magnets fighting with insecurities that give death the upper hand. This book, unlike the others (though similar to Elijah’s story) is about a relationship that boasts you up and makes you into the person you are meant to be. Ian and Alice come into their own as they fight to save and help each their friends. It’s a weird kind of honeymoon for this two because when the end isn’t a flight back home but death.

I honestly have to say though that i expected more. Just like Elijah and Ana’s story, the previous books built this up and it made me feel I was in for an explosive read (i stalked the author that’s how impatient I was for this book) but again instead of the fireworks i felt like i got fire crackers. That might just be me.


Start your obsession by downloading the first book Darkness Awakened for FREE!!

My top three books in the series

1. Darkness Awakened

2. Forever in Darkness

3. Darkness Reborn

Thanks for the free copy Stephanie, I’m waiting on Ry and Catherine’s story.

Other Books in the series Darkness Awakened, Darkness Seduced, Darkness Surrendered, Forever in Darkness, Darkness Reborn

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