Face Of The Earth…

have you ever thought of what you want to do in the next 5yrs,
what you would have accomplished in the next 10yrs,
how satisfied you would be with your life in 50yrs?

have you ever thought of how people perceive you today.
how much you contributed to their opinion of you,
do you really give a crap about what they think?

first impression matters,
lasting impression is influential,
no impression is a waste of time, air and space.

in this new day and age we don’t have the option to wait,
if you want to make smething of yourself start immediately,
time and technology waits for no man.

love is a curse, a blessing,a reason to move forward,
depending on which angle you look at it,
dependin on how much of your life you want influenced by it,
falling in love is unavoidable it’s inevitable,
acting on it is a personal choice.

we don’t live with Alice in Wonderland,
manna doesn’t fall from heaven any more,
we are not best friends with Aladdin to borrow his lamp,
and anyway jini is free so he’ll be a tough cookie to crack.

no one’s gonna do the hard work for you and give you the easy part of life,
hardship is the face of the earth,
reality is its pet name,
personal effort is the air it breaths,
struggle is the blood that runs through its veins,
and love makes the world go round?!