Tidbits and fan questions for Brenda Davies

This is the second part of my interview with Heather. We get to know about her writing life in part one Introducing the Elusive Author Brenda Davies. She shared a touching back story that led to her two pennames, a wonderful tribute to the ones she loved and lost but never forgets. A lover of books since she was nine years old, Heather is one of the few authors who has succeeded without the backing of a publishing company, drawing fans of all ages- well teen and above- and soon she’ll gain the middle grade audience once she publishes those books under her real name. I’m looking forward to reading more from her.

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In this part of the interview, Heather will be sharing some fan facts about herself and answering readers questions from the first interview.

Fan Questions

Ever gotten hurt walking around when you were in your mind? Any scars and embarrasing stories you would like to share?

I’ve gotten hurt many many times not paying attention. I’ve walked into counter tops, cabinets, tables, and chairs repeatedly. When I was still landscaping I was a walking bruise. I walked into trees, branches, tripped over rocks, and fell off of ladders. I cut my hand with my snips a few times and hit my legs with the sheers more times than I can count. It got to the point that if I hurt myself on a job site, and someone had to call for first aid supplies they never questioned who was hurt, it was always what did Heather do now? My husband and a couple of my friends have asked me how I ever survived this long. I may be a walking disaster but I still prefer to plot things out in my head 🙂

  Which series is your favorite to write?

I love them all, all the characters have a piece of my heart and I’ve cried, laughed, and fallen in love with them all. I would have to say that The Survivor Chronicles is the most fun to write though. I can throw anything at those guys and they have to take it. I can also throw anything at those guys! There in a world where anything can happen and they never know what’s around the next turn.

Why did you decide to write Awakening under Brenda Davies?

I decided to use Brenda Davies for my more adult stuff because I thought it would be better to keep it separate from my more YA stories.

Tid-bits about Heather/Brenda/Erica

Favorite food? Cheesecake, a delicious yummy slice of plain New York cheesecake is my best friend and nemesis.

What music do you listen to and why? I listen to almost everything but country is my favorite. It’s what I grew up on with my dad and I really came to love the older stuff. I’m not a fan of the pop country, but give me some Johnny Cash, George Jones, Reba or Brooks and Dunn and I’m a happy little camper.

Are you are wine, beer or spirit kind of girl? Most definitely beer. I love tequila but unfortunately tequila and I sometimes fight, but beer and I get along just fine.

Favorite movie and why? There are so many. I love the 80’s movies like The Breakfast Club, The Goonies, The Princess Bride and The Lost Boys because of the adventure, romance, and suspense. I would have to say Jaws is my favorite though. Quint might be one of the best characters ever. He’s tough and gritty but has a big heart. The scene when he talks about his scars and the Indianapolis is just amazing and heart wrenching. Also, to this day I can’t step into the ocean without having that theme song play in my head and having to retreat safely to dry land. The book is also one of my favorites.

E-book or paperback? E-books have made all of this possible for me but nothing will replace the smell or feel of a paperback.

Favorite author and what books would you recommend? Dean Koontz, James Rollins, J.K. Rowlings. Anything they wrote!

Best month of the year, day of the week? I love June because all the flowers are blooming and the weather is perfect, plus it’s my birth month. I also love October when all the leaves are changing and AMC is doing Fearfest. I pretty much watch horror movies all day for that whole month. I also love the smell of pumpkins and hot apple cider. Plus you have to love the kids in their costumes! I would have to say Friday.

What do you do for fun? Write, read, go for walks, hang out with my family and friends, play sports and games, ride horses though I don’t get to do that anywhere near as much as I would like to anymore.

Your favorite person in the world? I can’t say just one, there are so many that mean the world to me. I have an amazing husband, wonderful parents, three siblings, numerous nieces and nephews that I love dearly, and some great friends that help to keep me sane.

Favorite quote? “Writers’ block is a fancy term made up by whiners so they can have an excuse to drink alcohol.” ~ Steve Martin. I get such a kick out of that one!

Fan Questions

So that you aren’t called elusive anymore, please share your social links so we can stalk you better.

I can be found on facebook  https://www.facebook.com/ericastevens679, my blog http://ericasteven.blogspot.com/ and people can email me at ericastevensgcp@gmail.com. I will let people know when the website is up and running and Brenda finally has her own forum.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to reach out to fans, I really appreciate it!

It was a pleasure getting to know you Heather and I hope we’ll have another opportunity like this in the future.