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Delaney Avatar without backgroundHello everyone! *waving* I’m happy to be here on Christina’s blog to “tell all.”


My first novel

My writing career so far as been more rewarding than I ever expected, and in November I’ll be celebrating five years as a published author. My journey started when Amira Press published my first novel, The Arrangement, an interracial romance about an African-American woman and a Brazilian man. Since then, I’ve received the rights back to the book and self-published it, but it was the first story in my Hot Latin Men series.


Published works

To date I have 18 published novels and short stories in the interracial romance and African-American romance subgenre, with four more slated for release this fall. Next year I intend to release at least three more novels.

For now, I write only contemporary romance, but I’ve been conducting research for a romantic suspense series that I’d like to kick off in the near future. And if I ever get the courage, I’ll tackle a historical romance or two.


Never wanted to be a writer

The thing that tends to surprise people is that I never wanted to be a writer. Although I read a lot and always have, had won a few writing contests in high school, I never aspired to be a writer. But because I was stressed at my previous job, I left and decided to try writing. I had no idea I even needed a creative outlet. More and more story ideas keep coming—more than I can keep up with. I haven’t looked back, and I firmly believe that leaving my job was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Romance Novels in Color project

As an avid reader, I like discovering new authors to love, particularly if they write about diverse peoples, so another passion of mine is promoting other authors on Romance Novels in Color. I work with some great volunteers and fellow authors, and our reviewers not only love to read but take great care in critiquing the books that we’re sent.

One regret

Overall, I’ve been very fortunate. I’m in a profession with some impressive people that I learn from every day by asking questions or observing what they do. My only regret is that I didn’t start sooner! LOL.

Latest release and coming soonJust Friends_600X900

The last book I released was in March, titled Just Friends. It’s a friends-to-lovers story and the third book in my Johnson Family series. The next book I plan to release is the serial novel from my blog, an interracial romance titled Still in Love, about a divorced couple finding love again. In the fall, I’ll release The Rules, the fourth book in the Johnson Family series, and a box set of the Hot Latin Men series to celebrate my fifth anniversary!

Thanks so much for having me, Christina!




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