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indexmkMy name is Mika Jolie. I write women’s fiction, chick lit, and romance novels with a diverse cast because the world is a melting pot.

My husband is of Italian/Ukrainian decent. I’m of Haitian/French heritage. My in laws are Irish, Thai and African-American. Oh yes, my husband’s childhood friend is Jewish and his wife is Italian. I often refer to us as the United Colors of Benetton. We are a diverse bunch with all of our little kinks. You should see our Christmas parties.


Tell+All+IconI started this post with a little background of my family to help understand why I chose to write novels that portrays my world, because really, up until recently there weren’t many to choose from. I fell in love with romance novels around the age of 14. There were no interracial romance novels then, no diversity. When I started searching the internet for them, they were so badly written and focused so much on the race factor that I was turned off. For me, love is not about the color of the skin, but an emotion that runs so deep inside us that it transcends race and gender.

TheScale_COVERIn my novel, The Scale, currently available at Secrets Cravings Publishing, the heroine is an African-American curvy woman, and the hero is blond hair, blue eyes, and covered with tattoos. Think Charlie Hunnam with David Beckham’s tats . While their race came up once, it didn’t drive the plot. The Scale is about self-acceptance, the struggle with body image, what society identifies as beautiful, and of course falling in love.

Need You Now—book two of the Martha’s Way series, the Lily is Latina and Adam is NeedYouNow_COVERAmerican-Italian. In my latest release Tattooed Hearts, Claire is African-American/Japanese and Forrest is Caucasian. Once again, while their cultural background is mentioned, it’s never the primary focus. Instead, I address relatable topics, unwanted pregnancy, addiction, self-image, betrayal, with a strong dosage of romance. You know—the good stuff.

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