Quinn Loftis… giving Vampires a run for their money!! Werewolf Lover #1

I read the first book Prince Of Wolves and thought, oh how sweet. if only falling in love was this simple… sigh! but what i liked most about this nontraditional falling in love, even though one was supposed- by some cosmic whatnot- to be your mate, the girls were very independent. They had very little choice on how they were attached to their mates but they still stood as individuals.

it wasn’t an obsessive ‘OMG I’m going to try and kill myself now that he doesn’t want me anymore’, it was a ‘you are going to regret walking away from this fur ball!’

i loved that!

I must confess, i haven’t completely read all the other books, for the sake of my sanity. I’d prefer for all the books to be written before my obsession goes on overload! but there is a review for the book below.

Prince Of Wolves Image

“Ok…..holy canoly!!!!!! I freaking loved this book!

The book was fantastic. The pace was perfect. The language of Jen and her friends was realistic and hilarious. The secondary characters were just as fun and interesting, especially Sorin. I want good things for him b/ c he’s loyal and has potential to be a yummy guy. And the main characters were fabulous. In truth, there were times when I wanted Jen to be a little more serious, but still, she was funny.

And Fane, Fane, Fane. I want you to claim me as your true mate. He was all my favorite things about guys wrapped into one. Protective, alpha male (literally), and loving.

I can’t wait to pick up book 2 and hopefully read about their blood rites ceremony. And him putting his mark on her….AH!! Can’t wait!
5 seriously solid, laughing, smiling, swooning stars from me.”

i seriously agree!! here are the rest of the books in the series. Come join the obsession!

Blood Rites

Just One Drop

Out of the Dark

Beyond the Veil

For a sneak peek of book 5, click here