Old Ghosts…

I found this poem with my stuff and considering I don’t even remember writing it, it’s amazing the paper is still in mint condition. I even did an internet search to make sure I didn’t copy it somewhere ( 😉 ) I probably wrote it in High School. I don’t even remember what inspired it but it’s pretty strong… what was i going through?

It’s not very good but at the right time and moment, I sure I’ll be able to make it better.


I cry inside me, I cry.

I’m down on my knees, I cry hopelessly.

I know I’ll never breath your love.

The truth has to surrender itself before adversity befalls me as I wait.

It was under your spell that you got me crushed,

Since I set my eyes on your devine image its haunted me.

(couldn’t be that hot if I don’t remember him)

Your heart is full of tenderness,

Your heart overflows with love.

You’re always in my thoughts as I hope I’m in yours.

Love has no weapons, It has no fists.

Love doesn’t bruise, nor does it draw blood.

Love is two souls with one thought, Two hearts that beat once.

It is a flower that you’ve got to let grow.

All you need is love.

Love is truth, is strong, is wise and understanding.

I noticed no title. Something else I’ll work on. Either way, not bad in expressing my feelings, right?