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Amazon’s sales rank algorithm is surprisingly simple…

Original article written by John Doppler of – link provided below.

1. Each sale or download of a product counts as one point toward a hypothetical “rank score”.

2. Each day, the preceding day’s score decreases by half, and is added to today’s points.
3. For each category on Amazon, books are ranked based on their current scores.

Monday, a book sells 32 copies. That’s 32 points towards its ranking.
Tuesday, the book sells 36 copies. Those 36 points are added to half of Monday’s total (32 / 2 = 16 points), for a total of 52 points.
Wednesday, the book sells 16 copies. Those 16 points are added to half of Tuesday’s total (52 / 2 = 26 points), for a total of 42 points.

…but the devil is in the details.

The underlying process is simple, but there are…

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There is this ignorant world, that i like to live in.

Where my mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters are safe.

Where I don’t have to worry about the person sitting next to me, because I haven’t done anything against him, so there is no reason why he should harm me.


There is this ignorant world I like to live in.

Where we are all safe, loved and treasured.

Where my life is just as important as the life of the person next to me.

Where sadness will not consume me.

Where darkness will not overcome that light within me.

It’s a world where I love ferociously and pray that you all love me back.

I am your sister, your friend and your lover.

There is this ignorant world, my naive heart lives in,

but slowly my innocence is being broken away, my safety stolen from me.

I may not understand…

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This gal I know...M.I.A

It was disturbing, that Paris was still on our tongues that the Mali attacks happened. It’s insane that someone can wake up in the morning with the sole purpose of robbing someone of their life.



John 4:19-20 We love because God first loved us. Whoever says, “I love God,” but hates his brother is a liar. The one who does not love his brother whom he has seen cannot love the God whom he has not seen.

indexPray for Mali.

And by the way guys, just because we support a nation that has been attacked doesn’t mean that we are ignorant about all the other countries that suffered before then. These are things we can never forget. I find it insensitive for people who plagued the #PrayforParis with what about Kenya, remarks.

#PrayfortheWorld and be sensitive about the pain our brothers and sisters are going through at that…

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New Releases, Discounts and Freebies!!!

Hi lovely readers!! It’s been a minute. Sorry I haven’t been around much. With the closing of one of my publishers, it’s been hectic finding new homes for my books and figuring out my next step. I had hoped to have all my work released through Secret Cravings Publishing and it was disappointing and sad when it shut down. So I decided to just self publish some of them and others to just place on hold for a while.  Some of you readers aren’t to happy to have some books discontinued but I promise I will have them out to you as soon as I possibly can.

Here are the new links for the books self-published: Love Her Right, Because I Love Him and as a book bundle (for the time being) The Albury Affairs.

BIGloveherright5 BILH8_1667by2500 taatfinal

Love Her Right and Because I Love Him are currently FREE on Amazon so get your copies now while you still can.

I have two new books out this month (yeah!) the final installment of African American romance The Black Widows series Fatal Desire and a Hispanic Interracial romance single A Chance At True Love. To celebrate the release of Fatal Desire, the first two books of the series have been discounted to 99c. Get the entire series cheap while the offer lasts.




Authors Tell All- Susan Fisher Davis

Susan Fisher-Davis

Susan was born and raised in a small town in the western part of Maryland surrounded by the Appalachian mountains. She moved to Tennessee in 1996 with her husband and two children. She’s been writing for as long as she can remember. In April of 2014, she signed a three year contract with Secret Cravings Publishing. She is currently writing two different series. The Men of Clifton Montana which will be nine stories and The Bad Boys of Dry River will be six stories. Although it is best to read the stories in order, all can be read as stand alone. Excerpts from her books can be read on her webpage:
She would love to hear from her readers and promises to answer all email:



I’m a romance writer for Secret Cravings Publishing. I’m in the process of writing two separate series. The Men of Clifton, Montana and The Bad Boys of Dry River, Wyoming. The books are contemporary western erotic romance. Each book can be read as standalone novels, but it is good to read them in order to get a feel for the future characters.

The first book I wrote was JAKE Men of Clifton, Montana Book 1. That one was published August 20, 2014. I have a book released every two months with the series alternating. My next book out will be COOPER Bad Boys of Dry River, Wyoming Book 3. Due for release September 22, 2015. Excerpts from books available now can be read on my webpage.

I have always wanted to write. As far back as I can remember. My mom got me started on Harlequin Romance books. I made fun of her for reading them. She told me to just read one and I did. That was all it took. I was hooked. I fell in love with Janet Daily and Sandra Brown. I would read two/three books a week. I was more than hooked on those romance novels.

One night, I was reading one by an author I’d never heard of and I was really disappointed in it. I closed it down and my husband asked me what was wrong. I told him the book was terrible and I could do better than that. He said “Then do it” So, I decided to try. I sent in so many submissions and received so many rejection letters, I could wallpaper the White House. I actually gave up for a year and then I decided to follow my dream and try again. Through Avon Romance’s website, authors can post a chapter or two of a book they’re hoping will appeal to Avon. Mind didn’t, but I did meet a wonderful editor through the site. She told me my story had appeal but it needed work. She agreed to help me and JAKE was born! I submitted to five publishers and three wanted the story. I decided to sign with Secret Cravings and I’ve never regretted it. I can’t imagine what I’d be doing now if I hadn’t given it just one more shot. I love what I do.

Jake (The Men of Clifton Montana Book 1)

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Authors Tell All- M. J. Kane

Author Pic 5.2012M.J. Kane stumbled into writing. An avid reader, this once stay-at-home mom never lost the overactive imagination of an only child. As an adult she made up stories, though never shared them, to keep herself entertained. It wasn’t until surviving a traumatic medical incident in 2006 that she found a reason to let the characters inhabiting her imagination free. Upon the suggestion of her husband, she commandeered his laptop and allowed the characters to take life. It was that, or look over her shoulder for men caring a purple strait jacket. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Connect with me on the following sites: Twitter     Facebook    Pinterest   Instagram  Google+  YouTube  Goodreads     Linkedin   Email

  5 Prince Publishing

Tell+All+IconMy journey to becoming a published author didn’t have a typical start. I wasn’t an aspiring writer when in school. I didn’t do a great job writing journals or diaries. I hated doing research and writing term papers for school, I even hated book reports. The one thing I did do was read…a lot! As an only child, I lived inside the pages of my favorite books and going to the library was a treat. I wouldn’t walk out with just one book; I’d have a stack and read them all before the two week return date arrived. When I found a book with a story I loved, it was a mission to read each and every book written by that author. My favorite stories as a child were Alice in Wonderland, The Box Car Kids, Circle in the Sea, and Homecoming. All of them were stories about kids who either faced some life-changing hardship, or were caught up in a world of fantasy and stole my imagination.

As an adult, my reading list took a slight turn. Science Fiction and Mystery novels captured my imagination. Authors such as Michael Crichton, John Grisham and Steven King had me. And when the Lord of the Rings movies came out, I dived into the books because I just had to know what important character development point was left out of the finished novel. Did I read romance novels? Nope. I admit I fell prey to the typical ‘it’s porn!’ mindset.

Then one day at work I had nothing to read (having just finished reading Lord of the Rings: Return of the King). Not able to stand sitting in the breakroom for an hour with nothing to do, a co-worker walked me over to her desk drawer and introduced me to Nora Roberts. It was then that I realized that this whole Romance genre could be about more than just sex on paper. There were stories with characters that meant something. Needless to say, I started reading a lot of Nora.

Then one day, I was challenged to write something.

Okay, there’s a story that leads up to the challenge. As a fan of the show, LOST, I got caught up in an online challenge to write a short fan fic. It was to be posted on a forum page, and it should have only been a few paragraphs. Well, the next thing I know, I had written several pages. From there, I decided to integrate my character into the entire first season of the show. Before I knew it, I had over thirty pages! My family liked it, and so did a few online friends. But then life happened, the story got filed away, and it wasn’t until a few years later that my husband challenged me to pull it out and write some more.

I’m so glad he did, because if he didn’t, I have no idea what I’d be doing right now!

After dozens of rewrites and checking out numerous books on writing, and even taking a brief weekend class at my local collage, I discovered that the character who originally started off as someone I imagined being stranded on an island with the characters of LOST became the main character of my first published novel, A Heart Not Easily Broken. The back story I’d given her morphed and grew wings (as a caterpillar does when turning into a butterfly, thus the name of the series, The Butterfly Memoirs) and became so much more than I ever imagined. In the span of four years, I went from the reader who avoided Romance novels to an author in the genre. Instead of being your typical Romance novel, it incorporates Women’s Fiction themes and characters who are Interracial. My brand of storytelling follows the evolution of both the male and female leads. It’s heartrending, realistic, contemporary, and at times, comical doorways into the lives of people who are just trying to live their lives and find their slice of happiness. My goal in my stories is to open the eyes of readers to the lives behind closed doors of those around us, and to serve as a reminder that no matter what type of trial you are faced with in life, there is a chance to find love and happiness and to overcome the issues that threaten to tear you down if you open your mind and heart to those around you who are willing to help. The topics that have been visited in the first three novels of the series include: interracial dating, recovering from rape, friendship (A Heart Not Easily Broken); recovering from a broken heart, breaking the mold of family expectations, illness, (Jaded); single-parenting, life changing mistakes, and career advancement (Lonely Heart.)

My latest release, the fourth novel in The Butterfly Memoirs, Nobody’s Business, is a bit different from the previous three. Instead of having a female lead, this time, the story is more from the man’s point of view, with a strong female story that supports and intertwines with his. This story deals with the reality a man faces raising a son he never knew existed, while waring with his heart as to who he should be with; the mother of his son or the woman he can’t forget after a one-night stand.

To learn more about the series and the books, visit my website where you will discover more than just the first chapter samples. There are character bios, diary posts, and free short stories that continue the story after the book ends, and in the case of Nobody’s Business, there is a novella, Crossroads, which introduces Trevon and Kai and how they met before the start of Nobody’s Business.

Nobody's Business

Trevon Campbell’s world changed the moment his ex-girlfriend announced he was a father. Determined to make up for his past mistakes, he gives Trina what she wanted before their breakup, what feels like his soul, which means forgetting the woman he had a one-night stand with, the woman who stole his heart.

Kai Malone doesn’t want to play by her family’s rules. Instead of working for the family business, she became a firefighter. Being a female of multicultural descent, working in a field dominated by men, Kai focuses on her job to ignore the infidelity of her fiancé. Tired of his deceit, she gave in to a one-night stand with a complete stranger, someone she’d never have to see again…or so she thought.

When tragedy strikes, their worlds collide, leaving them no choice but to deal with each other again. It doesn’t take long for them to realize the attraction that brought them together the first time is stronger than ever, forcing Trevon to make the biggest decision of his life.

Buy It Now! 

Amazon     B&N    iTunes

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Authors Tell All- Mika Jolie

indexmkMy name is Mika Jolie. I write women’s fiction, chick lit, and romance novels with a diverse cast because the world is a melting pot.

My husband is of Italian/Ukrainian decent. I’m of Haitian/French heritage. My in laws are Irish, Thai and African-American. Oh yes, my husband’s childhood friend is Jewish and his wife is Italian. I often refer to us as the United Colors of Benetton. We are a diverse bunch with all of our little kinks. You should see our Christmas parties.


Tell+All+IconI started this post with a little background of my family to help understand why I chose to write novels that portrays my world, because really, up until recently there weren’t many to choose from. I fell in love with romance novels around the age of 14. There were no interracial romance novels then, no diversity. When I started searching the internet for them, they were so badly written and focused so much on the race factor that I was turned off. For me, love is not about the color of the skin, but an emotion that runs so deep inside us that it transcends race and gender.

TheScale_COVERIn my novel, The Scale, currently available at Secrets Cravings Publishing, the heroine is an African-American curvy woman, and the hero is blond hair, blue eyes, and covered with tattoos. Think Charlie Hunnam with David Beckham’s tats . While their race came up once, it didn’t drive the plot. The Scale is about self-acceptance, the struggle with body image, what society identifies as beautiful, and of course falling in love.

Need You Now—book two of the Martha’s Way series, the Lily is Latina and Adam is NeedYouNow_COVERAmerican-Italian. In my latest release Tattooed Hearts, Claire is African-American/Japanese and Forrest is Caucasian. Once again, while their cultural background is mentioned, it’s never the primary focus. Instead, I address relatable topics, unwanted pregnancy, addiction, self-image, betrayal, with a strong dosage of romance. You know—the good stuff.

If you’d like to join me in my journey, please subscribe to my newsletter at the link below. You can also follow me on the following social media sites:

I love to hear from readers. Connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads, or you can simply write me an email to say hello.






For latest news on my current works-in-progress, interviews with fellow authors, or just to see what I’m up to, check out While there, sign up for my newsletter, where you can hear my latest news and enjoy giveaways. No spamming.

Beautiful winter landscape with snow-covered lake and trees. Foggy day. Winter background. Creative toning effect

Books by Mika Jolie

Martha’s Way Series

The Scale – Book One

Need You Now – Book Two

Tattooed Hearts – Book Three

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Authors Tell All- Lisa Warir

me without glassesI am a new published author. I’ve been writing for fifteen plus years, mostly fan fiction online and had a small following with my Michael Jackson stories (though I’ve written about other musical celebs as well) I published my first novella Destinee romance novella this year in January and have learned a lot along the way.
It takes a lot of courage to share your work with people, it’s a little easier online because people don’t know you, but once I published a paperback version of my book I started sharing it with family, friends, coworkers etc and gained a lot of feedback and encouragement to do more. Even though I have been writing for years, I can’t say it was a dream of mine per se, just something to wile away the time and daydream. (when I was younger I was more of an artist than a writer)  I was also an avid reader, there was a time in my life when I used to read like 2 novels a week, but you’re looking at a time before the internet as we know it today and cable TV.
What I have learned aside from the challenges of self publishing-formatting, relying on someone else to do your cover art, the costs, ways to promote and market etc
new book markkI’ve learned how to do book trailers (basic, not fancy)
I did my first Youtube video this year (book related)
I plan to do a book signing, when and where remains to be seen
It’s been a journey. I’ve had ups and downs, aggravations etc but I press on because I feel that this is my time.
My published books
Destinee romance novella
Two become one: A Destinee romance sequel
Currently working on 3rd installment of Destinee series Jewel, What your mama didn’t tell you
 Final final proof for sequel

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Authors Tell All- Melynda Price

Melynda PriceMelynda Price is the author of several contemporary and paranormal romance titles, including Win by Submission and Passing His Guard in the mixed martial arts–themed Against the Cage series. Price writes for ardent readers who want to fall in love over and over again. She makes the unbelievable believable while taking her characters to the limit with tales full of passion, heart, and unexpected twists. Salting stories with undertones of history whenever possible, Price adds immeasurable depth to her well-crafted books. She lives with her husband and two children in northern Minnesota, where there are plenty of snow-filled days to curl up in front of the fireplace with a hot cup of coffee and write.


Thank you for inviting me to your author tell-all. Today, I’m celebrating the release of Passing His Guard, the second book in my Against the Cage series. It’s been a journey to get here and the road is far from over.

I began writing six years ago when a friend asked me to edit a book she’d been working on. I had a strong background in English and thought, why not give it a shot? But instead of editing it, I ended up rewriting it, and I learned two very important things about myself: a.) I have absolutely no editorial skill. And b.) I love to tell stories. That’s how I discovered my love for writing and it’s been a rollercoaster ride of highs and lows ever since.

The first book I wrote, Until Darkness Comes, was a paranormal romance that evolved into a 4-book series. It was published in 2012 by 5Prince Publishing.

I loved the paranormal world and begin writing another series with the hope/intention to sign with a literary agent and sell the story to a mass market publisher. Though Bonded in Exile was submitted to several agencies, the common response I received was, “Great writing and great story but paranormal isn’t selling.”

I asked the agent what was selling, and she said small-town contemporary romance. That’s when I realized it didn’t matter how good of a writer I was, or how great my story happened to be, I had to write what was selling. So I decided to jump genres and enter the contemporary world. It wasn’t easy. A + B now had to = C, and writing within the confines of realism was a new and challenging task.


Question: How would I make real life interesting enough that people would want to read it?

Answer: One injured, rancorous MMA fighter and a sexy physical therapist with a damaged past and a psychotic ex-boyfriend that may just kill them both.

I wrote Win By Submission, a steamy MMA romantic suspense, and submitted the MS to a few literary agents. A couple of weeks later, I was contacted by an agent who loved the story. I signed with Spencerhill Associates and my agent, Nalini Akolekar, then sold Win By Submission and Passing His Guard to Montlake Romance.

The third book in this series, Grappling For Position, will be out in April 2016, and I have another romantic suspense releasing next fall.

So what started out as a goodwill gesture to help out a friend has turned into a life changing event for me. It hasn’t been easy, but the road to success rarely is.

I thank you for taking the time to read my tell-all and I hope you’ll check out my newest release, Passing His Guard.

Have a wonderful day!

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